Chapter 15

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Previously on That Blonde Haired boy;

"Whatever, wanna go back to mine after?"

"I can't sorry." I said, Niall frowned.

"Look Charlie, I really need to tell you something.." Oh god, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

"The thing is, I'm kind of a-"


Niall's POV

"I'm kind of a vampire Charlie.."

Charlie grabbed my hand looking worried, she's taking this better than I expected.

"Niall are you alright?" She asked concerned.

"I'm fine, I'm telling you my big secret." I stuttered.

"Niall...vampires aren't real." She looked at me with a dead serious face.

"Charlie...I'm a vampire il prove it to you."

"Go ahead." She rolled her eyes.

"Remember our first date? How I left in a flash?"


"That was my vampire speed, remember how you got raped and I broke down the door?"

"Think so."

"That was my strength."

"Earlier you said you liked my company, and that you feel safe around me, you thought you said it out loud but I can read minds."

Charlie let go off my hand and moved her chair back.

"Also, these our my vampire teeth." I said while holding my mouth open showing my teeth.

"Your a fucking monster!" She spat.
Charlie got up and ran out of the restaurant.

I've screwed up. I've lost the girl I've truly cared for. I'm such an idiot.

Charlie's POV

I came home crying because of Niall. He's a fucking blood sucking monster. I can't believe I even let him touch me or even be near me. I don't want nothing to do with him anymore.

I was gonna tell Yasmine, but I thought I better not. He's obviously been alive for centuries keeping his secret and I could go screw it up for him.

That's why when I first met him I knew he had something about him, probably explains why he has so many tattoos and piercings.

I was meant to go back to Yasmines tonight but I thought I'd better stay at home, Dads away so practically have the house to myself. The way Niall came across so sweet, so innocent. Urgh. I can't stand him now, he let me fell for him, he probably only wanted me for my fucking blood.

I turned on the tv and saw breaking news, normally the news doesn't interest me, but there was people standing outside my school? With a body bag? What has happened.

"Forensics said, this Middle Aged women died of an attack, the marks on her neck and the scratches on her back show it's half human, half animal. This school will be closed tomorrow so detectives can do some investigating." The reporter said.

Niall left school early It couldn't of been him. No no no!

I'm probably just a walking blood bag too him.


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