Chapter 19

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I lunged towards her grabbing her neck and threw her up against the wall letting my nails sink in and draw blood....blood, that's right I have to kill her.... It would make my life so much easier.

I punched her in the face and then repeatedly slammed her head against the wall before watching her crumple to the floor when I let go. I crouched to where she was and kept throwing punches till she was bleeding from her broken nose and could hardly breath.

I grabbed her throat smirking as she clawed at my hands and choking for air. Someone tried to grab me from behind, but I pushed them off snarling. I could hear people calling my name, but it sounded like they were so far away and my top priority was killing her.... Her? Who was I trying to kill again?

To wrapped up in my own confusion I didn't see the person come behind me with a frying pan and slam it against my head.

I fell to the floor holding my head. Damn! that f**king hurt! I stood up about to attack who ever hit me when i looked down noticing Kelly who was on the floor barely breathing; blood coated her shirt and face. Her ragged breath was the only sound I could hear.

I was a monster! how could I do this, the girl was a b**ch, but that doesn't mean she should die... punched in the face a couple times, but not death.... Well not in front of people that would help her.

I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts before they finished. I stood up and backed away letting them carry her out the kitchen. I knew it would be best to stay away from them especially since its my fault and I didn't even feel that guilty for doing it more disappointed in myself for not being able to control my wolf.

"We're.... Taking her to the pack doctors office." Jake said avoiding any eye contact

"Yeah, uh tell me what happens to her okay?" I asked sounding like I didn't care

"Yeah I will, but for now I think it's best that you go to your room because people are already talking and some of the things there saying will upset you..." He said trailing off

It pissed me off that he was basically telling me if I get upset I turn into the Incredible Hulk "yeah your right anything can set me off even a few flies
Could set me off." I said sarcastically

"I didn't m-mean it l-like that.."

"Just shut up, I don't want to hear some dumb**s excuse because we both know you meant it like that." I sneered before leaving


I paced my room from one wall to another still thinking about what I had done to Kelly and I felt like I was having mixed feelings about it.A part of me was glad that I had finally beat the smirk and cocky come backs out of her and the another part of me feels as if I went to far.

'Well if you ask me I think you should see a therapist I mean your talking and asking yourself advise.'
My wolf said

"Well look who finally decides to join me." I replied but before I could even tell her anything else I heard a knock at my door.

I sighed annoyed and opened the door"is there something you fu..."

"I-I'm sorry to bother you I just really wanted to say sorry about my sister I know she can be a bit aggravating and can push people's limits." A little blond girl muttered looking down

"Look I don't get why your here, but I'll let you in on something I feel like I should kill you." I said looking at her seriously

She paled and stuttered" I know your j-joking around."

"Then why do you seem so tense?" I asked moving away from the door leaving it open for her

She came in and sighed "I am truly sorry.... I know me saying it isn't really meaningful since its not my sister saying it, but I just don't want her to be punished for her actions. Which probably isn't fair because it would be like picking f-favorite or something"

"Look shouldn't you be with your sister? Who ever the heck she is." I said sitting down on my bed

"Kelly. It's Kelly...... And I'm Saundra.yeah... Me and her haven't been getting along lately and when I say lately I mean years. You see, our mom was human and our father was a werewolf so we only had a fifty percent chance of actually shifting and when my sister shifted it was a miracle. My father figured that since she shifted I would too, so when my sixteenth birthday came and nothing happened he was a little disappointed. The next day he greeted me with a smile as if it didn't matter. Although I was glad that he didn't care apparently Kelly did she wouldn't even speak to me at the house and avoided me as if I had some disease." She sniffled trying to hold back the tears, but then just burst end out crying

"Look I'm not going to kill her or punish her so don't worry." I said getting up from the bed

I kneeled down and patted her back awkwardly trying to comfort her. Deciding I wasn't really helping her I removed my hand and was about to stand up when she threw her self into my chest and continued to sob. When she finally stopped she backed away and removed her tears with her hands.

"I'm sorry it's just that thinking about that gets me all emotional," she sighed

"It's... cool." I replied

Not really sure what to say or do for her I stood up and walked towards the window hoping she would leave.

"I was wondering if you could help me get something from the basement. I was actually going make a cake that would hopefully make everyone feel better. I k-know its kinda silly." She chuckled looking at me innocently

Really a cake. I wanted to reply, but I figured that would be extremely rude and make me sound like a b**ch well I am one, but only sometimes....

"I guess .Why not since you asked me so nicely." I sighed rubbing the back of my head and forcing a smile


I followed her down the Woden steps that seemed to protest with every step we took, not to mention some were already broken.

"Gosh, these stairs are so dang loud I'm pretty sure everyone will hear us down here." she giggled

"The doors still open right?" She asked suddenly turning making me stop right to where my boobs were right in her face.

"Yeah" I replied quickly feeling awkward

This didn't affect her! Was she really that naive or just didn't care.

"That's good it sometimes locks when you close it and only someone from the outside can open it. I remember this one time my friend Angelina came down here to get some flour and ended getting stuck in here for an hour. That day everybody happened to be at the lake, so she was lucky when we came back early because of a fight. I felt so bad though because I forgot to remind her about the door and I knew if it were me I would have freaked out because I hate coming down here by myself. It's so scary." She rambled

I just nodded my head to everything she said and got the things she said she needed quickly so I could go back to my room.

"Okay! I've got everything you asked for so let's go!" I said speed walking past her

We had barely even made it up stairs when a loud scream filled the house. I dropped everything quickly and ran towards the door only for it to be slammed shut by a few guys that were running outside. I reached for the knob and turned it but it wouldn't budge not even when I threw my body up against it. D*mn it! What the hell was it made of!?

"Oh my gosh! What are we going to do were stuck in here!" Saundra cried

"Is there any other way out." I growled slamming my fist against the door

She shook her head crying. I ran back down the stairs looking for anything that could help me get the h*ll out of here. I could here screams getting louder as I reached a wall with a wooden shelf in front of it.

"Saundra! Come here! I found a window!" I yelled

She ran towards me face pale and tears still sliding down her face.

"You grab that side and I'll grab this side okay." She nodded wiping the tears away

I grabbed one of the sides and pulled it downwards letting it collapse to the floor.

There it was, a small window. I stood over the fallen shelf and unlocked it, climbing out and then helping saundra before I shifted while running towards the front of the house.

The fallen leaves that crunched underneath my paws and my heavy breathing was the only sound I could here as everything turned into different hues of red.

I was a warrior my job is to kill everybody and anybody within the village without any pity. Killing the kids, babies, and elders. Everybody! because they abandoned us when we needed them most fleeing our old village to save themselves leaving the rest of us without a last glance. So I'll take revenge on all the ones we lost my father,mother,husband, kids... Everybody that I knew and hated dead.

My revenge starts now!


There were everywhere and there wasn't a lot we could do without Mary although I hated admitting it we wouldn't survive without her. Her other members were protecting everybody in the house because jake ordered them to protect the kids and females, even though Mary said they needed to help fight in an attack, but since she wasn't around to say anything they had to listen to Jake.

I howled in pain as two rouges came from both sides and bit deep into me as I tried to fight the one that was still in front of me, but every second was pure agony and I could feel myself grow weaker as there teeth dug even deeper.

Just a little longer and everything will be fine. I chanted

A loud whimper came from my side and the rouges teeth were removed. I wanted to turn to see who had helped me, but with the other two rouges still surrounding me I would be giving them an easy shot so I focused on the one I had already been fighting at and launched myself onto him.

He kept snapping his jaws making it difficult for me, but I was finally able to grab a hold of his neck. Pressing my jaw closed until I heard a snap.

I turned to fight the next only to see an all black wolf with dark red eyes, fur coated with blood and dead wolves lay around it.

It took the wolf only a second to kill the rouge as if it were nothing. It brought its head up and howled in anger making every wolf cower.

They turned to a group of rouges and the look it gave them reminded me of the time we had seen a rouge that had lost its mind and was driven by bloodlust and destroyed everything in its path.

Five members were killed that day and the rouge had gotten away from us and left our land even though it could have killed us easily.

I looked at it closely as it growled ferociously, the rouges growled back still shaking of fear before they left.

The black wolf looked around before it sped off in the same direction the rouges went leaving us behind.

I breathed out in relief before collapsing to the floor all energy leaving my body and darkness closing in on me making the last thing I see someone running towards me.

As I lay in the darkness wanting to just let go of everything and forget. It would be so much easier for me to leave. I didn't have a mate and my only family member hated me. It wouldn't even make a difference if I lived or died besides if I die someone better would take my place.

Suddenly a screen appeared and I was no longer in the dark. I now sit in a chair looking up at the screen noticing everything was blurry then it finally cleared up

"Happy birfthday Dynan!" My fyear old sister yelled jumping on my bed

"Get your fat but off me you brat!" I spat

Pushing her off the bed which resulted in a loud thump sound. I looked down to see her eyes water before she blinked them back an smiled sweetly .

"Me and momma got you you're fabrite..." She was cut off when mom came and scooped her into her arms

"Marrianne! You can't tell him you silly goose then it won't be a surprise!" Mom laughed

"If it's from her then I don't want it." I said looking at her in anger

The screen flashed to later on that night, but it wasn't me this time it was my sister and I watched as she was being tucked in and prayed that next year she could get me a better present that would make me smile all because of her.

It was as if someone suddenly fast forward and I saw everything. My little sayer lost on her first day of school because I wasn't there when I was suppose to help,her fixing my bed so I didn't get in trouble,making a list of things I said I wanted for Christmas, and all the way up to my last birthday we spent together.

I was yelling at her to make food and buy drinks because we were having a party and everybody was coming. I watched as she struggled with doing everything, but not once complain. When she finally finished she smiled and patted her back. The door opened and I yelled at her again and before I left she asked if she should wear purple or black to the party and I laughed in her face telling her there was no way she was being invited to a party for the cool kids.

It skipped again to where she watched people come in and out from the roof before she quietly climbed down and looked through the window.

She wasn't watching people dance and get drunk instead she was looking at an empty table that had sign saying "DYLAN'S PRESENTS"

I watched as time passed and not one person brought a gift and finally when the party was over she cleaned up the house and left.

The screen turned black and I heard someone say" I wish I was that close with my sister."

I looked over startled and saw a girl in light blue skinny jeans and a baby blue undershirt.

"What?" I asked

"My sister we aren't on great terms. She stated

"Sure," I nodded my head

"I'm going to take a guess and say you still don't understand the whole movie thing huh." She said

"Uh yeah.... No" I replied

"Well, you always had someone taking care of you, someone who stood beside you no matter how you acted, and they watched over you making sure you were happy." She exclaimed looking sad

"Yeah my friends." I said

She suddenly looked frustrated and angry "Are you serious?! It was your sister she stood by you and took care of you even though she was younger and you were suppose to be doing that for he! How do you think the next day when you woke up the table was filled with gifts when you clearly saw there was none."

"My friends bought the gifts." I said without adding the 'duh'

She sighed rubbing her head.

The screen flickered and I saw Mary walking towards the house with bags in her hand.It skipped showing her wrap them up and place on the table before she quietly went into her room.

"There's no point in showing me these memories or whatever you call them now,I'm dead right?"I asked lifting one eyebrow

"Not exactly, you're hanging on by a thread and as we speak your heart is slowly starting to decrease especially since you've already given up." She said looking at the blank screen

"So you're giving me a choice?"

"Not really its up to you if you want to go back and if you do you have to go back through the dark and find your way home on your own." She said looking right at me

I nodded only slightly understanding, but if what she said was true then I didn't have much time.

The screen disappeared and everything slowly started to fade into the dark. I stood up trying to prepare myself when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't forget what you're doing, things seem to slip away and you forget why you're even there..... Be careful because you're not the only one in there." My eyes widened and before what she was talking about she disappeared and I was left in the dark.


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