I'd Rather You'd Mated To A Bloody VAMPIRE!

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Colin's POV

If they thought that they were getting anywhere near her, they had another thing coming.  None of those scummy wolves were coming within breathing distance of Alba!  And if one of them hurt her…

Well then, I might just hurt them back.

“Get your thoughts off my sister,” Todd grumbles, the rings under his eyes as dark as the sky outside of the kitchen window.  It seems unfair that Alba's sleeping enough for everyone in the halfway house when she is the one who was in the most danger.  Not that I’m begrudging her the sleep, I hasten to add!  Jack’s coming back here today and no one’s ready for it.

Not that there’s any way to be ready for Jack Emmory turning up on your door.  He might be a dwarf wolf, but the guy’s sick in the head.

That has a way of tipping the scales in his favour.

“Your thoughts aren’t helping!” Mack snaps, rubbing his temples tiredly.  I think Alba’s been sleeping for everyone; she hasn’t so much as twitched since she passed out after seeing Gallagher in the forest.  I’d be worried if Gordon hadn’t been in and out of her room to check on her almost every hour since she nodded off.

“Then stop listening to them, eejit.” I roll my eyes, shoving my hands deep into the pockets of my jeans as I watch the front door.  Why won’t Gordon just let me see Alba?  It’s not I’m going to ask her for a go whilst she’s asleep for God’s sake!  But her scent is undeniably getting better; I don't know what it is, but it makes my wolf sing.

The sharp smack to the back of my head has me alert and back from the land of my thoughts, and I look around to find out who hit me.

Don’t think like that about my wee sister, Gordon growls, his eyes flashing as he watches me.

Screw this; I’m not getting into an argument this close to full moon.  Four Fife lads against one McGrath!

I’d probably still win, I think smugly as I breeze out of the house and into the forest for a run.  Not that anyone's going to be smug when Crusher and his lot arrive.

But knowing what's suddenly got Crusher so obsessed with Alba will relieve a lot of stress from everyone in the house.


Roger's POV

We aren't ready.  We really, really aren't ready.  Not that losing a day has cost us anything; I can't see any of us coming up with a plan any time soon.

"You don't need tae fi-"

"I'm not that old, Mack." I snap before he can finish his sentece; the cheek of that boy!  I hope he doesn't end up with the Alpha mark when I croak!

"Who's going to stay with Alba?" Colin demands, his hair sticking up at impossible angles from him dragging his fingers through it.

"Precious." Tristan answers instantly.  "They can keep each other safe." He adds when he realises that his idea's gone down faster than a lead balloon filled with bricks.

"Trist, Alba would probably push Precious in front of a moving train if the opportunity presented itself." Todd points out bluntly.  God, that'd be ni-

No, I can't say that about someone's mate.  I know how much it hurts to lose your mate, regardless of how everyone else feels about them.  I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone.

"They don't hate each other tha-" Tristan begins to disagree before the sound of something breaking catches everyone's interest.

"Get out!" Alba screeches and I wilt with relief.  She's awake.

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