Chapter 20

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The next few days are quiet. No sightings at all. I'm relieved and start to relax a little bit. The cocktail party is tonight and I'm really excited. I slide on the lbd that we picked out earlier this week. It's a mid-thigh lace creation that hugs my every curve. I set it off with a pair of red suede platform heels that match my hair. My make-up consists of a little eyeshadow, eyeliner and tinted lip gloss.

Samson walks out of his bedroom looking extremely handsome. He decides to go classic tonight. He has on a black suit with a white shirt. He puts on a red tie that goes with my shoes. His hair is slicked back making him look like a blond James bond. "You look beautiful." He tells me as he looks me over. "You look quite handsome yourself," I inform him as he takes my hand. I grab the red clutch and we walk out of the door.

When we walk inside the party is in full swing. The girls immediately come over and greet us. They pull me away while Samson goes to find the guys. "There are a lot of single lawyers here tonight. I know that they will love you!" Melanie says. Rose and Brianne nod in agreement. A handsome dark haired guy approaches us, "Hey Mel, who's your friend?"

I don't appreciate the approach, but Mel jumps and greets him enthusiastically, "Hey Mike! This is my friend Carmen. Carmen, meet Mike."

"Nice to meet you." He reaches out and I shake his hand. That's a little better. "Mike is one of the top lawyers in his firm." Mel promotes. "You don't work here?" I inquire. He shakes his head, "I don't. I work for McIntyre, Lerner and Dream. I'm a partner there."

"Wow! That's impressive!" I tell him. "What do you do?" He asks. I shrug, "I'm a bartender."

"Really? I always wanted to be a bartender! I tried to get a job doing it, but my father made me come and work at his firm instead. Can you make a kamikaze? I always wanted to know how to make one of those." He sounds intrigued. I smile and say, "Any bartender worth their salt knows how to make a kamikaze. You just mix vodka, triple sec, and lime juice. It's very simple really. Did you ever think to look it up online?"

"I never really had time and by the time that I did, I had forgotten about it." He tells me. "Can I interest you in a drink?" I look around and Mel and the girls have disappeared. "Sure. I could use something to drink." I tell him. He leads me over to the bartender and tell him, "I'll have a cape codder." He turns to me, "And the lady will have?"

"I'll have a coca-cola." I order. "That's it? You're a bartender, you don't want anything stronger?" He asks incredulously. "That's exactly why I don't want anything stronger. I'm around alcohol all of the time. I've lost the taste for it." The bartender hands us our drinks and I take a sip. We talk and sip on our drinks for a little while when Samson comes up to us and puts his arm around my waist. "Hey, I was looking for you. What have you been doing?"

"Mike and I were just having a drink and talking." I inform him. He moves closer to me, "That's good. What are you drinking?"

"I'm drinking a coca cola. Mike is drinking a cape codder." I tell him. "Nice. Let me get a drink and I'll be right back." He walks away and I look at Mike who is looking between him and me as he walks away. "Who is he?"

"He's a friend of mine." I answer. "Oh, okay." He responds. Samson walks back over with his drink and says, "What time are we leaving?" He asks. "We've only been here for an hour. Give it some time." I respond. "We need to stop by the store before we go home." He says. I roll my eyes and look at Mike. He's looking back and forth at us and excuses himself, "I see a partner over there, I need to go and say hi to him. It was nice meeting you."

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