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"Thank you baltimore" I said into my microphone before leaving the stage.

Once I walked backstage I was swamped by my 3 personal assistants, one of them handed me a Gatorade which she spilt all over me, while another wiped beads of sweat off my head and put the paper towel in her handbag probably to see on eBay again while the last one was trying to unplug my microphone pack while
Trying to feel me up.

"You amazing out there Y/N" Ariana flirtatiously said.

"Thanks" I said shortly as I stepped around her.

My 3 security guards swarmed around me as I approached the stadiums rear exit doors. As they were pushed open I was completely blinded by all of the flashes and I couldn't see, I felt someone pick me up and put me on there back.

"I got you kid, you almost left without me" I relaxed and instantly felt safe as I knew it was my body guard Dwayne.

"I just wanna shower and relax" I said tiredly.

"I know and soon the tour will be over and you can relax for months"

When Dwayne got passed all of the screaming fans he went to put me down.

"Nooo.." I mumbled into his shoulder making him laugh.

Within a few short minutes I was placed on my couch in my large luxurious tour bus.

"Thanks Dwayne" I yelled

I reluctantly got up from the cough and dragged my feet towards my bathroom. I slowly got undressed and stared at myself in the mirror. God I looked tired, I turned my shower on and hoped under the cold water.

Once I got out of the shower I looked around and realized there was no towels.

"Fuck" I muttered as I stuck my head out of the door looking to see if anyone was around.

I didn't see anyone so I decided to make a run for it. I stopped in my tracks as I came face to face with my best friend who was blatantly checking me out... Well she was looking at my dick which I quickly covered.

"Lauren..." I warned.

"What...sorry..huh?" she replied still staring.

"Lauren Michelle Jauregui stop staring at my dick!"

"Nice ass" a guy called from behind me.

"Ugh not you too Niall" I rolled my eyes and pushed passed Lauren and quickly walked to my bedroom.

"By the way you're bigger than Niall" Lauren shouted out obviously coming back into reality.

I shut and locked my door and walked to the closet and grabbed a fresh pair of trunks and grabbed a marvel Shirt.

I grabbed my iPad and laid on my bed, I instantly opened tumblr and
Signed into my secret account that not even my best friends Lauren and Niall knew about.

My whole life I had spent in the lime light as my parents were both famous in the music industry my mother started out in a girl group called Destiny's Child before she went solo and become one of the most well known and singers in the world my dad is one of the most successful hip hop artists in America... Yep you guessed it my parents are Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Because of who my parents are I have felt immense pressure to be just as successful as they are.

a lot of people call me a musical prodigy as everyone of my songs is an instant hit; But I don't just stick to one category of music though I could go from writing a ballad to a rap song. I don't like to be labeled to one style.

I scrolled through and reblogged a few pictures and quotes that caught my eye, as I scrolled down I came across a few recommend accounts and one in particular caught my eye "what-is-life-when-its-not-worth-living"
I was instantly draw to the account and I began to read her blog posts and quotes.

"Everything I have ever known is gone"

"I need you please come back... I can't be here I don't belong here"

"Another day in this same old place.."

"Not caring what people think about you is so much easier said than done.. I sit here and I can hear them talk they say I'm weird... They call me goofy.."

"Why would they judge me before they knew me.. We are all here for the same reason none of us have someone."

"Everyone has a story.. Life isn't a Disney movie or a fairytale, you don't get 3 wishes when your wold is falling apart, you
Don't get woken up by you're true love kissing you... We all just have to wake up and learn from a small age that life fucking sucks"

"It's not like I'm counting down or anything but there is only 479 more days, 36 minutes and 16 seconds..."

"I miss my parents, I miss my sister, I miss my home...I miss the old me"

"Music is my escape from this reality.. It saves me from myself"

I there was a quiet knock on my door and I quickly followed the account and I placed my iPad under my pillow.

"Y/N" I heard my being faintly called from the other side of the door.

"Just a sec Ally" I said jumping up from the bed.

I opened the door to see my exhausted looking manager and good friend Ally.

"What's wrong" I said wrapping my arm around her and leading her to my bed.

"Ugh this is so exhausting" she said resting her head on my shoulder.

"What is Ally, I thought we hired the 3 assistants to help

"Oh you mean blonde,blonder and blondest... They are useless"

"Is that what you call them I had tits, ass and teeth" I said jokingly making her laugh.

"They are as useless as a pet rock" Ally said sighing.

"So we will fire them and advertise for 4 more and we both will interview some and see if they are competent" I said rubbing her back.

"But they know who we are" Ally said.

"Then we will get some very good disguises how do you feel about being a much older librarian" I said jokingly.

"Okay okay" she said as she finally caved.

"Come on let's go to the lounge and watch the Titanic and laugh at Niall's reactions" I said bumping her shoulder.

"Can we stop at Waffle House too?"

"Of course we can" I said smiling at her.

"Not that I eat the waffles from there"

"No you get a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on Texas toast because you are from Texas and a side of hash browns." I said smirking at her.

"Y/N Carter you just found your way to my heart" Ally said in a strong Texan accent.

AN/: should I continue this book?

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