Jeff the Killer

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Jeff the Killer

WARNING ! This one is a LEMON ! Lemon means things get real sexual, & erotic.

You've been in the Creepypasta world for three whole months now, and one person who would never leave you alone, Jeff. He was always pop out of some place, and ask you random questions, or try to flirt with you. You had to admit you kinda liked him, but you would never tell him because you know he's jut messing with you. You never understood why he was just messing with you.

One day everyone in the mansion were out on killing sprees, or other things. The only people in the house were Jeff, and you. Of course Jeff was bothering you. He twirling your (H/C) locks, sitting next to you.

"What is it Jeff?" You ask.

"Wanna do something, fun, but dangerous?" He whispers in your ear, and it sends shivers down your spine.

"Like what?" You murmur.

"Like this." He says crashing his lips on yours.

You stare at his dark orbs, in total shock, and He pulls away.

"Maybe your not ready for this, or me." He snickers, and stands.

Without thinking you reach out, and grab the corner of his sleeve. He stops, and turns to you smiling a pervy smile.

"Question, are you a virgin?" He asks bluntly.

"Yes..." You whisper, shifting your eyes from place to place.

You finally look at Jeff, his smile is even wider, and even more perverted.

"Wanna do it here, or my room?" He questions.

"You choose." You say.

"Here it is." He smiles.

He lifts you up, sits down, and he places you on his lap. He places his hands on your hips, and moves forward. You lower you head, and your lips touch. Jeff, kisses you slowly, and then bites on your lower lip to enter. You open up a little, and he slides his tongue in, exploring your wet cavern. Claiming every inch as his. Never in your life you would expect yourself doing something like this. You move your hands through his raven hair and pull. Jeff moans low, but sexy. Then you felt his hands travel up your shirt, under your bra. He teases you, and pinches, and you make a 'ahh' sound. Jeff smiles.

"Let's get rid of this." He says, removing your shirt.

He just stares at your breasts, and you cover them out of embarresment .

"Don't stare." You scowl.

"But your so beautiful, and I never expected you to wear such bold underwear." He says.

You sigh, and remove your arms, and jeff kisses the top of them. You squirm a little, because it tickles.

"Ahh, fuck this slow shit." He says, taking off his jacket, pants, and moves you under him on the couch.

He quickly unhooks your bra, strips off your shorts, and throws them into an unknown place. He hovers over you, and bends to kiss each bud. He licks, sucks, and pulls. You arch your back, this was a feeling you've never felt. Was it because of Jeff? He then slides one of his hands down your panties.

"Oh god, you're so wet. I just want you right now." He murmurs.

"Jeff..." You huff.

He plays around with you, and enters one finger. You cry out loud, because it hurt.

"Don't worry, it won't hurt later." He whispers in your ear, sending shivers.