Fourteen- Seized

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"Ruby and's a long and complicated story of unreciprocated love" he sighed. "She tore my heart out and stomped on it a million times. But it's my fault really...I never should've invested myself so much in someone who was so unwilling to invest themselves in anyone else." He explained as they walked, "well lets start with the beginning, we met by accident, bumped into each other in the parking lot. Then she quit that same day and I was so...drawn to her I went so far as to go to her house to ask her to come back...then I got the guts to call her up and ask her on a date...she said yeah which surprised me. I thought she was so beautiful, so out of my league. I tried to het back with her and she just chewed me uo and spit me out telling me to 'get it through my thick south african skull" that we were never gonna happen,...It was all probably never would've worked but I like to think it would've. Either way here I am with a broken heart." He sighed, Lía looked at him,

" poor soul" she whispered as she wrapped her arms around him, she could hear his heart beating in his chest and at that moment it felt as if their heartbeats matched. She could never imagine anyone rejecting the love of such a tender man,

"I'm alright now" he said stiffly, but he could feel his cold heart melting with her innocent touch. He looked around nervously, he didn't want to cause her any problems, "we should go now Lía...we don't want anyone to see us" she pulled away,

"You're right." She nodded. They walked silently beside each other,

"So uh...when do you think you're gonna put your plan in action?" He asked quietly,

"Soon I hope" she sighed "as soon as possible, the sooner I'm out of this marriage the better"







Lía finished her 8 hour shift, for some reason she had been stuck with a closing shift but she shrugged it off. Hours were hours, and she did get to work with Jason more which made her happy.

"Hey Lee you done mopping yet?" Jason asked from the computer desk where he was checking the registers.

"Just about, I just need to get that spot beneath you" she laughed, he poked his tongue out but moved nonetheless. She mopped, "done!" She sighed wiping her forehead

"About time! Now lets get out of here! I've had enough of this place to last me a lifetime" he shuddered as he gathered his sweater and keys.

"So see you when we open tomorrow at 6 am?" She laughed, he sighed

"Yeaaaah" he groaned causing her to laugh, "hey it's not funny!"

"It kinda is" she teased, before she knew it he had her in a head lock as they got outside to the parking lot,

"Take it back!" He ordered laughing.

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