Bob X Ted

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*Dob Buncan's Pov*

I was soarin flyin through Amy's dms, I had nothing to do tbh. I sat there, and messaged her stuff.
Nob: yo

Bob: wassup baby girl

Bob: answer thot


Bob: I know you read this

Amy: what

Bob: your boobs r so saggy, that your nipples go to your bellybutton, just saying.

Bob logged off

Wow Amy, such a poser. I undated  her cause she could play tether ball with her boobs.

 I undated  her cause she could play tether ball with her boobs

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I saw a nasty roach so I kill it

Bobs bugs be gone

I heard a knock on the door and I opened it quickly. gaSP1!1!

It was Ted Cruz.

"Sup, I'm Ted. Bob I have seen your ad for exterminator and I was wow. I want to get to know you bro." He gave a grin.

"Ok...What's your favorite color?" I asked.

"Periwinkle" He replied.

"What the fuck is a Periwinkle"

"A color. What's yours?"

I thought. " I like ham."


I wuz bored. "What's your Zodiac?" I asked.

He started sweating and looking around. "IDK fam...Hey, look at the time, I gotta blast. But here's my number. So call me maybe." He winked, walking away.

I sigh happily. I can't wait for our date--I mean..conversation on my phone.

*Amy's pov*

I can't believe he's talking to ted. This is crap. He used to communicate to me via cellular device, and now he communicates to Ted.


I have Bob Diddle Bock

End The

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