Rainy Days

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(The chapters will be short, but there will be many! Please read the description!!!! Or this may be confusing! Okay?!)

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I leaned up against an old abandon building. It was sometime in the late afternoon. It was dark, gloomy, and pouring rain out. I wrapped my arms around my chest as others with umbrellas walked by.

I sighed as I put my hand in my pocket and dug out a beautiful gold necklace, that I "borrowed."

Times were getting rough, and with it becoming colder, I had to make a living somehow. None of the shops would let me work for them, because I'm homeless... But how was I suppose to get "un-homeless" when I cant get I job.

I furrowed my brow thinking about it. I looked down at a puddle forming near by feet.

"One of these days I need to buy an umbrella... When I can afford one..." I scuffed under my breath.

I watched the rain drops slowly fill up the puddle. I fixed my dress (or whatever, you can be nude, I really don't care too much. You can be a nude purple person. A nude purple paper people. <~say that 5 times fast, I know I can't 😂 sorry back to the story)

I then hear a meow at my feet. I look down to my left, to see a cute little black cat.

"Hi there~" I smiled to the cat. I kneel down and pet it some.

"Excuse me, mi'lady, that's my cat." A deep, polite, sophisticated, voice said.

I looked up to see a very tall man, who looked to be someone's butler, with jet black hair.

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