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"Klynn! Clean the floors faster you piece of shit." I responded by scrubbing the floor faster and more vigorously.

"Yes mother." She glared at me but nodded her head and walked away.

This is how everyone acts when they deal with me. It's all because I'm "different" or the better term for it is called being homosexual.

I've been treated like this since I was thirteen. I regret telling my parents I was gay since then, staying in the closet would've been a better idea if you ask me.

I tried fighting back when they harassed me and bullied me but the whole pack is against me. 800 people against 1 person isn't something you would want to try. The only people who are somewhat decent are the omegas and the beta. They don't do anything to me but watch, so I guess that counts for something right?

If I could I would leave but I'm still a minor and I wouldn't be allowed to leave because the idiotic alpha says we're short-handed and nobody of the omega status are allowed to leave the premises.

"Klynn come over here and make dinner right now! You have 30 minutes to make the whole pack dinner and if you fall to do so you will be receiving a broken bones tonight." My oh so lovely father said. I despise him more then my other "parent".

"Yes sir." I quickly walked over to the kitchen to start preparing dinner for the pack.

"Your biological parents are ass-wipes. Let me shred them. I don't see how you stand this treatment." my wolf Fahren said in our mind-link

"You know I can't let you do that, and plus that high city council will execute me if I did that. Just bear with it okay?" I said through the mind-link.

"It has been 5 years. Let me shred them, all will be good if you let me slice them open." I sighed through our mind-link and continued my cooking. As much as I would love too I'm not planning on getting executed.


As alpha I'm extremely busy with pack duties and I have to use my spare time to find my mate. To no avail I haven't found them.

My beta, Quinn, was helping me find my mate whenever he could. But he had to balance doing work and attending to his own mate.

He was my best friend since elementary school and he's a great beta. He's been drifting away recently, talking to me less and focusing more on his mate and paperwork. It makes me wonder about whats gotten into him.

I should go annoy him. It'll be like old times!

I walk down the halls of the pack house greeting people here and there and reach my beta's work office and knock.

"Come in." I opened the door and walk into the beige colored room.

I looked at him and he still had the same black hair and brown eyes which fitted him well. Not like I was expecting it to change or anything.

"Your business here?" He didn't look at me when he said this and I frowned.

"Come on! Let's hang out like old times! We're both still young and have way more to see then paperwork." He sighed but still smiled anyways.

"I've been wanting a break from all this stress. I don't know how your mother managed to be a beta and Luna at the same time." He sounded exhausted, like he didn't get sleep last night.

"Let's get a beer or two. And I know we can't get drunk but getting a little tipsy is better then nothing right?

"True, true. Let's get some drinks shall we?" He said while getting up and walking toward the doorway.

I grinned and followed him out of the office.


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