Chapter Three

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--//Jason's POV//--

I should have thought it through before I sawed my house down with my mind. Now, I walk the streets, homeless and with a thin jacket draped on my shoulders. The rain digs into me like nales and the brisk wind pounds my face. Maybe it's wrong to admit, but the pain is pleasurable. It's something to feel, letting me know I'm still alive.

After the battle I fled the scene, too tired to face any other super that was standing by on back up. I took my mask off, growing anoyed with the irigant glares. My super suit is soaked, clad to my body, so tight it's uncomfortable. When I had knocked Golden Flame out I didn't let him fall to the ground, because I'm still weak. I caught the heavy boy in my arms, his blond hair ruffled and golden eyes sealed shut.

A super without super strength would just go splat on the ground. It's one of Golden Flames weaknesses, I could've easily killed him today. But I didn't.

I take shelter under a buildings roof edge, safe from the rain, not so much the wind. It's a pet shop, with little kittens prowling in the window. The cute felines stretch out their paws on the glass to reach my cold fingertips on the other side. I decide I want one. Except I have no money.

I start to walk away, my boots thumping, my head down. Until a realization dawns on me; I have superpowers. And I'm a bad guy, isn't robbing a store sometheing one would do?I mean stealing kittens doesn't seem that bad ass, but the point is I can still do it.

So that's what I do, I march into the store, peel off my coat and throw it to the side. I pace the floor gathering cat toys, because obviously my littlebittykittycat will need something to do. Even if I'm the bad guy I can still have a heart. There's only three isles so this doesn't take long. I finish with an astray of new trinkets in my hand and a bag of cat food, the most expensive, organic kind. The man who owns the store is watching me, he's extremely old, so old that he might have exceeded death. He's cute and small with spectacles over his eyes and little black kitten on his lap.

I stand before him,"I want the kitten."

"Sorry sir she's not for sale yet, still too young. But she's a beuaty, hey?"

"I'm not buying," I say.

"I would advise you to put the stuff back on the shelves then."

"No can do," I say, grabbing his phone out of his left hand he discreetly hid behind his back, "I can read your mind, sorry but the cops won't be coming today."

I punch him in the face, making an effort not to put forth too much strength, I'm afraid he'll crumble to dust. I end up escaping with a black little devil in my arms, her eyes mimick mine. A soft little purr warms me right over my heart. I sigh, now time to go rob a bank, one must get money some how.


**--Danial's POV--**

I spring up from my matress coughing up blood. Three nurses rush to my side, their makeup done to perfection and their hair curled in elegant ringlets. Their skirts are too short for an average nurse, I can tell they want my attention. But right now I'm too busy trying to breathe.

Once the world stops spinning and I feel like I'm able, I start asking questions.

"Where did Poison Shadow go?"

"The villian?" The tallest one says,"he fled the scene, quite weak if you ask me."

Better question: "How am I not dead?"

"We found you on the ground sir, thought you had super strength."

Right, I should probably not inform others on my weaknesses," I do, just making sure he didn't have the counter power."

I know he doesn't, he was agile not strong, one of the reason he out smarted me. I was fast and cocky, he was flexible and limber. His mind sharp and fast, which out sped my body. I'll hand it to him, he was impressive. There was a beuaty in watching him, an elegance. Well, that is until I got knocked out.

"I can't believe it," one of the nurses say, her voice really high pitch,"Who do they think they are attacking the world's hero? They should know their place."

She hugs me from behind, squeezing my shoulders. I'm every girl's dream man, the highest oracle of hotness if I do say so myself. I have to clench my jaw to stop from pulling away from her. If only they knew I was gay.

Once they move away I stand up and ask them to leave. I hate wearing my costume more than I need to, I prefer my secret identity as Danial, the guy who doesn't have to hide under the mask. The innocent pleasure I get from knowing I've done good without receiving and of the credit makes me extatic. I love the fact I get to be famous only when I want to.

When the girls leave I fly out the window, large enough to fit my body through. I return to my apartment window on the second floor. It's becoming late and the rain shields my presence from anyone looking closely. I pry the partially opened window more so that I can slide in. I strip my suite off, clad from the rain and find some comfy pajamas. I decide to hit the sack, because tomorrow I'm getting up early to apartment hunt. I'm planning on moving.

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