Chapter One

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*---Danial's POV--**

I arrive a little later than I mean to, but fashionably so.

The city remains somewhat intact, only a couple buildings hold gaping gaps. The cement of the roads crumble on the surface and flowers wilt from who knows what superpower. I flutter around the area, my cape billowing in the wind behind me, looking for this new villain.

It's oddly quiet over here, no children are crying, no damsel is in distress and no man is cowering in the corner. Yes, men tend to cower in the corner, refusing to swallow their pride and ask for help.

The silence is swallowed by the raging roar of metal against metal, followed by a lingering creak. I whip around to witness a skyscraper sliced down the middle tilting towards me. I have plenty of time to dodge it but have no time to save it. Also, strength isn't in my large pallet of powers. With X-ray vision I scan the building for people. It's surprisingly empty.

I loop around to the back of the chiseled metal trunk of the building hoping to catch the villains appearance, but all I get to see is a head of black, ruffled hair move out of sight.

I smirk, if he wants to play hide and seek, I have all day.

The air has a thick flowery smell to it, which is odd because the flowers are all dying. It takes me a moment to realize it's his scent. A strong flowery musk with underlines of pine. My super smell allows me to sniff him out, which now that I think about it, is a weird power to have.

It's an hour later when three building have collapsed, a river has flooded and overall a crumbly mess has been left for me to clean up, that he reveals himself. And to my distaste very nonchalantly.

He literally sneaks up behind me and yells "Boo."

After an hour of silence what do you expect? I freaked out. I'm ashamed really of how much I jumped, almost losing concentration on my flight, not quiet falling. And do you know what he did? He giggled, the little brat giggled! A high pitch chime that came across like a sympathy.

I whirled around and did the worst thing I could possibly do. The absoloutley not to-do thing in the book. I hesitated.

He didn't seem much older then me, a head of thick black hair, eyes a stunning blue and bigger then oceans themselves, and a black suite that hugged tight to his body. Gray lines his sleeves and chest in intricate details. He wears a smug look. He winks at me.

And then hurls a car towards my head. With his mind. It comes punniling through the air and all I can do is dodge, watching with annoyance as it slams into another building, hearing the fearfull screams of people. It causes a giant dent which makes my face drop. This guy is creating a list of chores for me to do.

I try out his smug look,"My patience is running loose, are you done throwing your tantrum, sweetheart?"

I see the boy dance circles in the air above me, so what if he's faster? That's no big deal.

"What tantrum? Because all I've been having is fun. If only you could see your face when I wreck something. A cute little look of despair."

I frown slightly. He called me cute! No more Mr. Nice guy. I feel my palms warm with an inner heat that sparks golden off my fingertips. Those sparks light up into flames, that dance around my arms.

"Cute? Not really," I say, "But I've been told I'm really hot."

My whole body is engulfed in oarnge and I charge the super brat. He tiptoes around each punch gracefully, with a flexibility some of the best Supergirls couldn't manage. He has a few tricks up his own sleeve. His body followed by a purple flowy essence of what I can only describe as shadows.

His eyes glow, the color of blue lightning. Once and a while the fire will brush him leaving a sear in his suit. He's only managed to touch me twice, his touch leaving a lingering freezer burn.

From afar we probaply look majestic. This reminds me to look back towards the streets that we left behind to dual in the clouds. Crowds have gathered snapping picture of the two blurs of color painting the sky.

I get bored of this match and decide I've had enough. I wait one more minute for the crowd to have their cameras perfectly poised when I defeat him. He'll be number thirty-nine on my super villain count, making me the strongest in the world. He will be the one that breaks the record.

However, I didn't take into account the fact the could mind read.

Beating me to the punch (literally) he raises his fist to my head and brings it down in an icy swoop.

"Sweet dreams, love," he utters, a devilish smirk claiming his mouth. Damn him, because he was the last thing I saw.

This is how I met Poison Shadow.

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