Dedicated to my favorite actor Emraan Hashmi. The rhyming version of his amazing movie Murder 2. Keep supporting me :)) ONE LOVE..

Red roses to the grave ,people don’t respect living or dead, so many voices rattling in my head, I’m a bad ex cop, with crime on my mind, all sort of hideous felonies but no pimping, anything for me after god is money..

They say ask and you shall receive, but I ain’t going before god cause I don’t believe,

World is so bright with just my girl and me, she asks me to stay and eat but I’m done doing her, time to move on, the rule of mine, you go your way I’ll go mine, it’s been three years since we dating, she asks I’m your love or need cause this ain’t real, the rudeness that you're faking, say you're my addiction like a drug that I’m taking, she says I can’t handle it, every night same stuff, with same story, back to where we picked off from, but I say HOW COME WE CAN REACH SOMEWHERE WHEN OUR JOURNY NEVER EVEN STARTED,

Switching the scene, smart mouthing the pimp as things go, I’m looking for missing h**s, I plan to set the culprit up, bait is, yes one more..

Then comes this sweet seventeen girl, having a hard time, tries to convince her mom it's alright when there ain’t nothing right,

I'm high on my love, me and my girl we kicking it all, it’s Christmas eve, all going good we bout ‘a make out but the phone goes off, bang I got to leave now, leaving Priya behind, jeopardy in her vows.

Reshma getting trapped, killer has taken her and I’m after his fate, she's in a trouble too deep, sucked in abyss such a pity, hands of the killer she yells she pleads, she passes out and killer torturing her till she bleeds, he hits himself, breaking his finger, hits Reshma in his rage, thinks she’s dead, and dumps her in the well full of dead.

Then it’s me, I call the phone, he's in front of me, I chase him down, knocking him out, but the police shows up, lock me in the jail, I yell telling them he's culprit but it all goes in vain, officer comes at me but I get him back, he asks the killer, killer is lying, playing him, but then stuns him by saying he killed all the girls, slashed and gashed, officers lock him up, get me out and ask me to get me some evidence, that killer telling officer how he slaughtered them girls, how he was never caught, I’m out looking for Reshma, she's just a minor, I’m mad, the real me awakes, letting down all my rules for this one once, officer telling me she'd be dead, but in hearing her sighs, she's asking for help, I scream my heart aint lying.

Reshma struggling for life, I’ve only got one night, poor soul struggling to survive,

I go to the killer's family, they tell me how much of a beast is he, I’m out of there,

Priya weeping for my ignorance, I’m out looking for girls, I’m asking everyone, but they all telling me Reshma would be good dead by now, I go home and find Priya on the door step, she's high and gloomy, tells me how her mom died, awaking my own woes, how my family died, how I managed to survive, she asks me for love, I’m feeling it but it tell her, I lost my mother too, she used to sell candles to light other's homes, while darkness was in her owns, my father's suicide, I tell her Reshma is just like me, she is crying and breaking down, I don’t have the answers to her questions and i leave with the call on my phone..

Now we got address, we catch the guy at killer's place, he's sacred and tell us how killer was a psycho, how he made sculptures of devil, then it’s the killer in the scene, he's lying to psychiatrist, she attacks his mental thoughts, pokes the weak spots, he loses it all, she's trying to get the confession, how he lost his manhood, lusty demon, can’t bear the doc no more, attacks her,

Reshma is still holding on, her will to survive..