Chapter 45

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Diyah's pov:
I slide on my dress , zipping myself up and make my way out of Gio's bedroom and into his bathroom.

The dress was so elegant yet it shouted sexy. The dark red looked good against my skin and it was perfect that it hugged all of my curves just like I wanted it to.

 The dark red looked good against my skin and it was perfect that it hugged all of my curves just like I wanted it to

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My hair was finally straightened and slicked to the back for a sexy look once again.

I put on a little mascara and eyeliners before finishing the look off with a bit red lipstick.

I give myself one last glance before turning off the light and heading downstairs.

He's the first thing that comes into view with a bouquet of roses in his hand when I take my first step.

God be look so good.

He was wearing a white dress shirt with a tie the same color as my dress and black dress pants with black dress shoes.

His hair was not its usual ruffled up sexy mess but actually slicked today.

Either way, he was looking very yummy.

He extends his arms for me and I take if immediately.

"You look beyond beautiful," he says looking at me with a full on grin while handing me the roses.

"Thanks you don't look so bad yourself," I say smelling the roses.

He wraps his arms around my waist and we walk towards his car before he opens the door for me being the gentlemen that he is.

"So, where are we going?" I ask straightening out my dress.

I was beyond nervous.

Af few days after we had finally consummated our relationship, Gio seemed to be deep in thought and I thought it would be best to leave him alone, so I did.

After a whole day of shopping with the Tonya and not seeing him at all, finally around five he called me and told me he was taking me somewhere special and to get dolled up.

Thats all I needed to here. I immediately called a sleeping Tonya and Khloe to come help me pick out what I was going to wear and to my surprise they already had everything picked out for me.

Along with lingerie.

"You'll see once we get there," he says taking my hand into his before paying his attention to the road ahead.

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