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" Tell me why are we so blind to see That the ones we hurt are you and me
been spending most their lives, living in the gangstas paradise" spills through my headphones. I walk down the hall to the principles office. Since my fourth period teacher wanna be a ass. Okay she doesn't like me but I don't care. I walk down the hall in a cookie monster crop top black jeans and black and blue air Jordan's. I'm 5'2 brown skin, blue and brown eyes, long light brown hair. Wide hips, D cup breast, and thick thighs., I walk inside the office.  

"Hey Jamie" I say to the office secretary. I am well known up here. 

"Hey Miranda you in here again" she asks  

"Yeah my fourth period teacher was on her shit again cuz I dosed off that bitch will be okay" I suck my teeth. Not like I ain't smart nah I am I just think the shit they teach don't apply to daily life. But they will be okay. So let's talk about me I'm 17 I go to Witmore high school yeah this shit is a hood as ever. I got a best friend named Adrianna. She been there for all my life. My mother is a racist asshole. Only thing is my best friend Adrianna is white so I don't tell my momma about Adrianna. Adrianna got a racist family too.she live with her aunt her parents disowned her when she came out. Anyway I'm sitting on the chair waiting for Mr. Jackson. He is a tall, black man, grey hair, black eyes and a tough persona.  

"Lets go Miranda" He says. He doesn't even refer to me by last name 

"Wassup Mr. Jackson" I say and sit down in the chair playing with his stapler. 

"What happen this time" he asked. 

"Ms. Tavern got pissed cuz i dosed off but damn if her teaching was better I wouldn't" I say icy. He lets out a frustrated breathe. 

"look just go back to class u have detention for a week" he says. He knew that's the worse he could do. I had been kicked out of expelled from the rest of the schools. It was so bad that he would send me to a alternative school but I don't care if he did. I leave the office just in time as the bell. I walk to Adrianna's locker. She is 5'5 full plump lips grey eyes, dark blue hair and milky skin completion. She had on grey pants, blue shirt and purple shoes. I loved her sense if style. She had braces and glasses but she was so cute in ha little stud attire. 

"Adrrriannnnnn u gonna chill wit me after school" I whine 

"What you do dis time Randy" she asks knowing me all too well. I suck my teeth. 

"Why I gotta do something foe" I ask. 

"Cuz u usually do" she says cold. 

"Aight it won't my fault see I feel asleep in my fourth period ms. Tavern had a bitch fit so she sent me to the masta" I say in a fake southern slave voice. 

"I swear u always gettin in shit Randy" she says rolling her eyes.  

"Adrian it ain't my fault bitches be tripping but look I don't wanna be here skip wit me" I ask. 

"No" she says. Adrianna from Compton so she got a black attitude people say she try but honestly she can't help it. she starts walking away 

"Pwease wit a cherry on top" I pout. She looks at me. 

"Fine let's go" she says defeated. 

"Thank you I love ya lets go" I say kissing her on the cheek. We leave and walk to the park. 

"Miranda ya sexy self was sup" Rodney a wanna be thug says. I roll my eyes. I swear that bitch don't take no to well I wonder if its in his dictionary...if he know what that is I wonder how he got too 11th grade. I keep walking. 

"Randy he calling you" Adrian says. 

"Whateva he will be aight" I say. He grab my arm. 

"Bitch I know you better let up before you get boxed forreal" I fire. 

"My bad ma damn you so feisty its a turn on doe but let me get dat number tho you know you want this" he says. I look over him. 

"It ain't much my nigga" I say. I was known to be with niggas but it ain't like dat day just friend er body know I fuck wit women. I hear Adrianna snicker. 

"What the fuck you laughing at snowflake" Rodney say to Adrian who goes red in the face when he steps up to her. 

"Oh hell no don't talk to her like dat nigga u got a nerve betta check ya tone" I say pushing Adrian aside and stepping up to him. 

"she scared anyway" he fires  

"Bitch dis between me and you don't put her in it cuz u mad ion want yo broke ass step down or get fucked up" I fire. I ain't neva been scared of a nigga and it ain't bout to happen now. 

"Randy it ain't that serious let's go before they send out guards" Adrian says. She always been the calm one. I fight for Adrian because she sits there and takes it but she got a good reason though. She fought to much when she was younger so she let it go. I always envyed her because she kept her cool through it a people won't exactly nice to the white girl. But I just moved up to her protector. She ain't need it she never got pissed easy anyway. Even if she was she hid it.  

"Aight lets go" I say and turn around. I walk off. 

"Watch ya back snowflake!!" Rodney yells. I shot him a look that smirk disappeared off his face. That's what I thought he know not to mess wit my girl wit me right there.


I manage to pull Miranda away. I love her to death but she a hothead. I have felt the wrath once but I returned it with mine. I'm a silent but deadly type. I take a lot but if my  anger has been simmering I will explode. We got into a fist fight once but she hit me and I went off. I don't remember what we argued about. I moved up here when I was 12 I had moved from Compton see my moms and dad died when I was 6 so I lived with my aunt she lived in Compton so I grew up there. I don't remember my parents much I feel guilty sometimes but my aunt tells me about them. I don't talk or act "White" I ain't grow up like that all my life I've been surrounded by black people. I moved to Chicago when my aunt got laid off and had to move in with her now wife. My aunt is gay by the way she is actually a stud so me being gay was expected and or hoped for. I love Bailey she is my aunts fiance it was a blow to my aunt when she lost her job she had to move in with her girlfriend that hurt her pride. She got it back when she got a better job then what she had. She use to work at a bar now she worked as a fitness instructor. Didn't make much but it was enough to provide after a while my aunt proposed. They got married not to long ago. I walk to my house. Miranda goes to the fridge. I roll my eyes she eats to much. I sit on my couch and flip through channels. I stretched out when Miranda pops my foot. 

"ow?" I say. 

"Move or ima sit on you" she says. I suck my teeth and sit up right on the couch. 

"uh huh don't get salty" she says with attitude. I flick her off and go get a soda out the kitchen. I get hungry so I decide to fix me something to eat. As I do I feel arms around me. Miranda lays her head on my back. 

"I'll fix you some too" I say already knowing why she laying on me. 

"Thank you you know me so well" she says kissing me on the cheek. I feel heat rush to my face and lets my hair fall to hide it. My hair was thick and confused. I finish cooking the grill cheese and give her one. 

"Thanks babes" she says. okay so I have a thing for her she is so beautiful it should be illegal. I've had a crush on her for a couple years. I watched as she laughed. Her laugh was cute. I knew her inside and out. Outside she was this fuck with me if u want attitude but was loving and sensitive inside. No one has seen that part except me and her brother. Miranda don't have a good relationship with her mom it was  when those too went at it. Her mom has hurt her a couple times but I only saw that. I and her brother have been the only ones see her cry. I watch her. She has the prettiest eyes ever. I walk to my room and go to sleep.

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