Chapter 1

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Kellin's P.O.V.

My heart was pounding hard in my chest as I got closer to a nearby corner. Think Kellin, think. I sucked in my breath and took in my surroundings. Shooting quick glances at every corner I saw, I spotted a dark ally way, with a dumpster near the end. I quickly jogged over to it and opened the lid with shaky hands, praying that there was minimal trash stored in there. To my luck, there were just enough trash bags to hide and cushion myself with. Thanking God, I hoisted my self in and quickly snapped the lid shut. I began to bury myself as far down as I possibly could get and waited, still trying to calm myself down in the process. It wasn't long before I heard footsteps padding heavily down the ally and mumbled voices.

"He couldn't have gone far." one voice spoke.

"If we lost him again, Benson will have our asses." Another voice replied with a sigh of annoyance.

I heard their footsteps fade slowly as they made there way down to the end, closer to where this dumpster was located.

"Obviously he isn't here." A voice spoke again with a hint of frustration, this time louder than before, "You check around the area, while I get back to the car and radio for help."

I heard one of their footsteps get quieter which I assumed was because he was going back to his car like he said he would. The second man must still be around, and my suspicions were correct when I realized the second man leaned up against the dumpster.

"God fucking damn it." He muttered to himself before finishing off his statement with a heavy sigh. I heard his weight being lifted off as I heard his footsteps walk away in the same direction the other mans went in. The next sound I heard after that was a car pulling away at least a few minutes later.

I counted to 60, before I gently and soundlessly opened the lid again. Once I saw that the coast was clear I eased down slowly trying not to make to much noise, in case the cops were still around. Once I finally stepped foot onto the ground, I forced myself to try and relax. I pressed my back against the cold wall and let out a breath of relief.

"That was a close fucking call." I muttered, running a hand through my hair.

Still against the wall, I slid down slowly until I landed on the floor. I can't keep running like this, because sooner or later they'll catch me and put me in jail. Jail was the last place I wanted to be, but I couldn't help but think I belonged there, especially after the night I just had. After a few minutes, I sighed and picked myself up off of the floor. I dusted my jeans off, and headed towards the other end of the ally. As I made my way towards town, my mind started to drift off, as to where I would stay, who exactly could I call? I reached into my back pocket and realized I had a couple of hundreds left in my wallet; my choices for a place were limited. So I decided on a cheap motel room. And with that thought, I made my way down the unfamiliar road trying to draw as little attention as possible and walking away from the sounds of many sirens behind me, belonging to both ambulance and police cars.


I grabbed onto the silver doorknob and twisted it, making my way into the small hotel room I only paid to stay in for a few days. As I closed the door behind me I took a quick look around my surroundings to see I have a bed placed in the corner of the room, a TV across from it on the other side up against the wall, and a door attached to the wall, which I assumed was the way to the bathroom.

I dropped the bag I had in my hand on top of the bedside drawer, that was filled with half eaten food from McDonalds that I stopped to get on my way to this hotel and made my way over to sit on top of the mattress. I sat on it with a bit of a bounce and relaxed in place once completely still, I stared off into space for a little while because I didn't know what else to do with myself.

I leaned myself down against the bed and turned the TV on to try and take my mind off the bad for a little while. Something boring to make me fall asleep, perfect. Doing my best to try and pay attention to the colorful screen across from me, my attempt failed when I felt my eyelids get heavier and sleep took over my body.


Suddenly I'm in a car, stopped at a red light. No oh god, please not this dream again. I'm aware of my movements and thoughts but I'm powerless to stop them. I'm looking around at all the on going traffic, knowing this is going to go wrong by the growing pit of fear in my stomach. I suddenly catch a glimpse of myself in the mirrors' reflection. My eyes are bloodshot and glossed over, my hair is a jostled mess, and my face is extremely pale, making my appearance seem as if I just crawled out from a cave and haven't seen the light of day in weeks. Sweat dribbled down the back of my neck, as I felt a slow smile creep its way on to my face. No, please don't let this be happening. I try everything in my power to stop my foot from pressing down on the gas pedal, and I have some hope that it might just stay in place. But as I feel my foot rise slowly, all my hope is crushed as it slams down, sending the car spiraling straight into a minivan. As my body is shot forward the airbags eject, throwing me back against my seat, causing my neck to snap back and into the seat head. I blink frantically waiting, as my blurred vision becomes clear and my ears to stop ringing. When my vision finally returns to normal, what I see is absolutely horrifying. The minivan is on the other side of the road, smashed and turned completely on its side. Blood is streaked all over the road, and when my ears finally stop ringing I can hear a faint cry, begging for help. I hear sirens blasting in the distance, as panic rises up in my stomach. I turn on the car, hearing it stall a couple of times, but as I go to try again for the 4th time, the car roars to life and I find myself speeding away. Tears sting my eyes, as I drive as quickly as I can, away from this horrifying scene. Adrenaline is coursing through my veins, dulling out the pain in my body. A few miles down from the accident, the car started to shake so I pulled off of the road, and got out to walk. I convinced myself that I would be able to walk the rest of the way, but my legs betrayed me and fell out from beneath. My body started to shake and as I let out a sob, I screamed.


The scream jolted me out of the awful nightmare and thrust me back into reality. I sat up quickly, panting and looked around the room confused. The sheets, as well as I, were covered in sweat and tears. I reached a shaky hand up to push my hair from my eyes. I took even, deep breaths to slow my heartbeat down. Why, why do I to keep reliving that awful fucking night? Its like my mind is punishing me over and over for what I've done. I sighed, before turning my attention back to the T.V. set. The news reporter was saying they had breaking news
"This, just in police have just identified the hit and run suspect." My breath hitched as I heard the next words leave his mouth... "They've identified this man on the screen as Mr. Kellin Quinn Bostwick. He is said to be 17 and have long black hair with blue eyes and 5'8..." As they rattled off my description my heartbeat sped up.



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