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Yoongi stayed the night again. More then just one. A couple nights without even telling his parents.

"There's cops roaming around often." Jimin said after one of there volunteer jobs.

"My parents probably called the cops and paid them to find me." Yoongi shrugged as he pulled up his hood.

"Shouldn't you go home? I don't even get why you're doing this for me." Jimin raised an eyebrow.

"You're like my best friend, that's why." Yoongi smiled.

"Anyway, let's get some shelter, it's starting to rain." Jimin tried to hide the blush on his face from Yoongi smiling.

"Fine by me." Yoongi said.

The two walked in the rain to an abandoned building, "Should we sleep here tonight?" Jimin asked.

Yoongi nodded, "Yeah, but we'll have to leave in the morning cause the cops could find me any moment."

Jimin took out his blanket from his backpack and laid down, "Good night, hyung."

When Jimin closed his eyes, he felt skin against his own leg. The younger opened up his eyes and turned to see Yoongi close to him. Their legs were tangled with each other.


"Sh, just go asleep." Yoongi placed an arm around Jimin.

Jimin smiled, "Ok..." He said before falling asleep.

The next morning when Jimin woke up, Yoongi wasn't there. He figured Yoongi finally left him and went home or he was probably in school.

When he went to school, the other five boys seemed to be in panic too when Jimin said he wasn't there.

"He didn't come here?" Jimin raised his eyebrow.

Namjoon shook his head, "I doubt he's home too."

Jimin became very worried, "Tell the teacher that I'm sick and I can't make it to school. I'll see you later." Jimin said then ran out of the school.

The cops were still roaming around to find Yoongi... So that must mean he still wasn't home.

"Yoongi!" Jimin shouted. As he walked around the city, he looked around panicky.

Hours went by, and still no sight of the gray haired boy. That's when Jimin gave up. He sunk to his knees, not able to hold in his feelings anymore.

"Damn it!" He hit the sidewalk with his fist, knowing no one else was around late this night where he was.

"Hyung... Why did you leave me like all the others I loved?" Jimin broke down in tears. "Yoongi, did you not know I started to have feelings for you?" He talked to himself trying to calm himself.

"Now I do." He heard Yoongi's voice behind him. Jimin turned around, his eyes all puffy from crying.

"Hyung!" He got up quickly and hugged him as tight as possible, "Where the hell were you?"

Yoongi just stayed silent and returned the hug, "Jimin, I have feelings for you too."

Jimin pulled back, "That doesn't answer my question."

Yoongi sighed, "Ok. Ok. I left early this morning to go searching for a house for you to stay in. I didn't answer any calls or message because I left my phone where we slept last night."

Jimin looked down, "Did you find a house?"

"No... I came back since it was late." Yoongi said.

Jimin glared up at the older, "Never do that again."

"I promise I won't. I promise that we'll stay together."

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