Chapter Four

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Life is so insane and so bizarre. I mean dear god what the hell is happening in this world. Someone is being born while another is killed and  another takes their first steps while another takes their last. 

It's crazy and bizarre and wild and I love it. 

Have you every lost a friend? How about all your friends? And like you literally have no idea why? Well, you do but it's the most bullshitted thing you've ever fucking heard.

Let me tell you, from experience I know quite well that losing a friend can be shit, but the beauty in it is crazy. I've never been one to make friends easily and have them from  kindergarten to now. I've had them come and go, like most things in my life. 

Nothing in life is permanent, remember that; it's quite important.

Let's talk about the beauty in things, like the beauty in losing a friend. The memories they give you are nonreturnable and no one else can make a better version of it or understand it like you do. The thought that a person gave you so much happiness and now you can both move on and grant others with that kind of happiness.

When I lost my friends, I slept a lot better. I didn't find myself worrying about the judgment. I found myself being free and optimistic and able to find myself. I made peace with it because that's all one can do. 

Don't get me wrong, it all hurt like a bitch, but that's it. You've got to let go and move on. You can try and try and try but it takes both parties working together to get to get to the point you wanna be at and if it is't working, then it's not working.

When something goes bad or wrong in my life, I just try to look at it as a blessing in disguise. It's tough and rough, but there isn't much more that you can do about it. You've got to put your best face on and move forward.

That's what I give and ask of you. Learn to move on and be happy. Become yourself and choose happiness.

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