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Chapter 1

Jasmine’s P.O.V.

            “I’ve had enough of it; I am officially tired of being the only people left in the class without a mate!” Jack yells back at me as he enters through the broad front door.  I look behind me to the two stunned faces of our friends, Allie and Ryan. The son and daughter to our father’s Beta had the same problem as my brother and me. None of us had found our mates among our classmates. With a class as large as ours it was it was almost expected for our mates to be found amongst ourselves not within neighboring packs…as it had been for many generations past.

                Sixty students are in the graduating class this year, the four of us included. Out of those sixty wolves only we four were not mated. Mating usually took place immediately following our first changing ceremony done around your sixteenth birthday. Our first shift happens on the full moon nearest our birthday and is one of the scariest and most anticipated moments in a Shifter’s life. Scary due to the pain involved in our first shift and finally the moment we will meet our other half, our mate. The whole town shows up for the teen’s first change knowing that with that first change someone in the crowd will be claimed as that shifter’s mate. Every shifter always found their mate, always.

                Everything changed the night the four of us shifted. For the first time in the history of shifters we didn’t find our other half. I can still remember the heart wrenching feeling when I could feel my mate out there; knowing that he breathed and lived but knew in my heart he was far away from here. Far, far away from me, so far my heart has ached ever since that day. My brother and two friends felt the same physical pain as I did and after almost three years of this pain, it was becoming very hard to ignore any longer.

                “Jack, calm down please! We know how it feels too and you don’t see us yelling at everyone and everything that gets in our way!” I grabbed hold of my twin’s hand and pulled him to a stop in front of me. “We will meet them one day. I know you can feel her in your heart. She is alive and well or you would know otherwise.”

                I watch my brother sigh deeply before speaking, “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have shouted the way I did. I just want to meet her…oh great now I just sound like I’m whining.”

                “Son, you are whining.” I hear my father state from behind us. I turn to smile at my handsome dad, the Alpha. He stood in the doorway to the kitchen tall and proud. His features almost an exact replica of my brother’s own green eyes and deep brown hair, except for the faint laugh lines around his eyes. Standing behind him is his Beta, Dan, smirking at the scene in front of him almost mischievously. I instantly raised an eyebrow at him but he only winked and smiled. I rolled my eyes at him dramatically in return.

                “So…I have some news for the four of you,” my dad pauses to clear his throat looking somewhat nervous. “I have been in contact with the entire nation’s Alphas throughout the past year. As you know for some strange reason all the Alpha and Beta’s children have gone unmated these past three years, what you don’t know is that there is a myth about this. They say that a day would come where we would not find our mates among the packs. It also says that ‘cross country they gather, united by blood.’

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