party time

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That weekend I get a text from Gabriella telling me about a party. I was down I call up Adrianna 


"Yeah" she asks her voice is crack. 

"damn what you doing" I ask. 

"Randy what is it I was sleep" she says. 

"Mhmm okay so wanna go to this party with me" I ask. 

"whhhyyy" she whines. 

"bitch get dressed I'm on my way" I say and hang up. I put on a black fitted skirt and purple shirt. I then add black toms. I walked to my bathroom and flat iron my hair and chinese bang. My hair is black and honey blonde highlights. I put on a little make up. I check myself once more. Satisfied I grab my brother keys and leave. I get outside Adrian's house she comes out and get in the car pouting. 

"Stop pouting you'll have fun" i say and pull off.


I get up groaning. I was having a damn good dream. I need sex in my life. Fuck I'll call one of my "friends" later. I get out of bed and take a shower. I get out. My hair to stay wavy. I put on a green shirt and black jeans and grey shoes. I put on a snap back and call it a day. I get a text from Miranda saying she outside. I walk to the door. 

"Farah is it okay if I go to a party with Miranda" I ask my aunt who is cuddled up with Bailey. Bailey is pretty she is coca skin, big brown eyes, pretty lips, warm smile. My Aunt takes alot of shit for being in a interracial couple but it doesn't phase her. My aunt had milky skin, green eyes, short cut brown hair, and pretty slim build. She has a really pretty face so it balances. 

"Yeah that cool you staying over there or coming home" She says. 

"Probably stay over her house" I say. 

"Alright call me when you get there and don't get into shit I love Miranda like a daughter but she get into shit don't get caught up Adrianna" she says. I nod. I know my aunt doesn't trust Miranda but she doesn't stop me from seeing her. I walk outside just as Randy pulls up. I get in the car. Her brown sexy legs excite me when I see them come out her skirt. I finally make my way up to her face and realize she had been talking to me. 

"and I was telling him I don't do nigga but he kept trying thirsty niggas these days" she says. 

"Damn that's sad" I just added because honestly I was lost as hell. I got to distract myself from her. I started falling for her one night when she showed up to my house in tears she told me to just hold her. So I held her till she fell asleep she was so peaceful and beautiful as she slept. I have been friend with her since I got here. We pull up to the party I don't like them that much but Miranda liked them so obviously I was forced to go. yeah I know I could say no but then she would be upset I don't like it when she is upset. Anyway we go inside it smells like sweat ass and weed. Typical smell for a house party. Miranda grabs my hand and my heart beat speeds up. I get pulled to a group of guys. she daps all of them. I know maybe one or two but not all of them. I dap the one I know and give the other a head nod.  

"Yo who da white girl" one asks. you would think that would piss me off it use to now I'm just like fuck it it is what it is. I laugh a little at the tough act these niggas tryna show. I can see straight through that so I don't let it affect and or scare me. Honestly I don't get scared off that easily I was when I first got here but then I got into a fight with this one guy and realized he was a pussy just like the others. I stopped letting it hurt my feelings because that what they wanted I be damned if I'm giving them what they want. I get bored and walk over to the table and pour me a drink of punch. It stings someone spiked it. I just shrug. I walk over to a corner and close my eye to focus on the music. I feel someone tap me. I open my eyes to see a pretty light skin girl. She had long hair and a big ass titties.  

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