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Chapter- Nineteen

I stood in front of the wide doors wondering if I should go in. I needed my answers and the person who knew the answers was Vitale.

After waking up in a different place once again, I was irritated but when I saw a bandage wrapped around my head, I was aggravated. For whole one week, I was trying to talk to Vitale but he was nowhere near me. I needed to know who exactly George was or who the hell knocked me up.

When I woke up, Maria was with me and while I was shouting at her taking out all my frustration on her, she was calm and told me to ask everything to her brother. She told me I was currently at Vitale's estate or mansion or whatever the hell it was. She told me that I was Viatle found me unconscious when he was trying to escape. I seriously want to kill the person who hit me.

I was actually wondering why the heck I was still alive. My mind was telling me a thousand reasons for Vitale to kill me rather than to make me change my appearance, because all I was doing was to cause more problems for him. He knew I was a threat and that I could, maybe if I try hard, go to the cops. Maria told me that even Vitale is in Mafia he doesn't kill people without any reason. Since I was everything but a threat, he didn't do anything.

That reassured me, note the sarcasm. I wonder what would happen when he would suppose that I can be a threat.

As soon as I finished my breakfast with Rhea—she was one of the three maids and Dante, I hurried upstairs to find him before he decides to rush somewhere else.

So here I was, standing in front of the door that was acting as a barrier between me and Vitale's office. I sighed and rubbed my sweaty hands against my shorts.

Let's do it!

I turned the doorknob and pushed the door and nearly jumped in surprise when I saw he was just in front of me with his phone. His back was facing was facing; he turned around when he heard me opening the door.

"I don't need t—" he stopped midsentence when his eyes fell on me. His eyes narrowed as he looked at me. He slipped his phone into his jeans' pocket and that I realized what he was wearing. He wore a white v neck t-shirt and faded jeans and a silver chain hanged around his neck. He was looking hot. I had only seen him once twice wearing such outfits—once when we went to shopping and the other when he was driving me to his so called place, wearing such simple outfit. He was always dressed in his suits. I blushed when I realized I was checking him out. I pressed my lips and cleared my throat before looking into his eyes.

My blush deepened when I saw him smirking. Damn he saw!

"I wanted to ask you something," I told him.

He raised a brow, "Go on. But I cannot say that I will answer all of your questions," he said "Or rather all of your questions," he sneered.

I acted like I hadn't heard his last sentence, "What happened to George? He told me that his name was Kevein and—" he interrupted me, "Believe me George is okay."

I narrowed my eyes at him, "No. I mean.... I'm confused. Tell me what the hell is happening?" I cried out in frustration.

He crossed him arms, his eyes were sparkling with amusement. "No."

His one word answer nearly made me to punch him but I restrain myself somehow, "Please Vitale. What if they decide to kidnap me again? I have no clue what is going on. And both Vincenzo and Lucio scare me till death. Please?" I pleaded and dramatically pushing bottom lip out to made him see like I was about to cry. I even joined both my hands as a gesture of pleading.

But it was just an act.

He rolled his eyes before saying, "Cut the crap. Now listen carefully, I don't repeat twice. Lucio is my enemy or rival you can say. He will not sit idle until he sees me dead," he let out a humourless chuckle, "But he is not my problem, he is weak as fûck. My main problem is Vincenzo. That fûcker toys with Lucio and makes him do whatever he wants." Vitale clenched his jaw "And now he is after me. He is clever as fûck so I needed someone to help me out and that is where George comes from. He gathers all the information from them and gives it me," he rolled his eyes before saying; "They don't even know that he is a spy."

I stood silently trying to absorb all the information. Everything makes sense now!

Suddenly Vitale gave me a smirk, "And I had to kiss you to make you stop blurting out his name. Our cover would have blown apart if Vincenzo knew that you know him. I swear his brain acts faster than a damn rocket."

Heat rushed to my face when I recalled the kiss but when I remembered that it was my second kiss but it was non-special.

My first and then my second kiss were too taken by someone who couldn't care less about it. I felt anger rising within me.

"That was my second kiss!" I yelled angrily. Could he not do something else rather than kissing me to stop me?

He raised both his eyebrows and parted his lips and acted as if he was shock. "I should care, because?"

I pointed my index figure at him, "My first kiss was stolen from me by a jerk and I wanted my second one to be special." I shouted. Without thinking I hit his chest. I was so disappointed that my second kiss was stolen too.

Vitale grabbed both my wrists with his left hand, in surprise I took some steps back until I was hitting the wall. Great, I was caged between him and the damn wall. He placed both my hands above my head, "The kiss was special. It saved both our asses, didn't it?" he whispered in my ear and I shivered when his hot breathe brushed my ear.

"Yes." I breathed out. His free hand went to my waist and slowly moved to wrap it around my waist. Okay, someone really have to help me, I thought when I felt his lips pressed on the crook of my neck. I involuntary clenched my fist and my toes curled up.

His body heat was killing me and I wanted to move closer to feel his body. "I think..." he trailed of moving his face closer to me and slightly brushed his lips against mine. I felt my stomach tightening with excitement.

"Let me steal your third kiss," he said and pressed his lips on me. I immediately closed my eyes and moved my lips in sync with him. I felt his grab on my waist tighten as he pulled me closer to him. I let out a gasp when his body came in contact with mine. He let go of my wrist and grabbed back of my neck. My hands automatically went to his chest.

I had no idea what I was doing but I cannot deny that it felt wonderful.


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