My Wish

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My Story

Waking up in the morning was not a hassle. But it wasn't easy either. I got up did what I had to do and got dressed.

Wearing tight skinny jeans and a pink ruffled shirt. I put on my converses. I didn't bother with my hair so I left it out in my natural waves. I took my stuff and made my way downstairs. Like they said they weren't going to be home.

Oh well I didn't have a problem with that.

I made a quick breakfast and left the house. My family had a choice, were either could live in the pack house or in a house closed to it. We chose the second one, by chose I mean I forced my parents upon it. I didn't want to live with them, especially in the same house.

Our pack is the strongest pack in this particular place. We have up to 200 members but we try are best to stay hidden from the Humans so they don't suspect anything. But That's harder than it seems. The Blue Moon pack is not a pack you want to play with.

Our Alpha keeps everything in order and does what he's suppose to do. But as my mate not only is he dumb but is selfish and asks for more. What a jerk.

‘Yeah he's a jerk but he's our jerk.'

‘He's not ours nor will he ever be,' I said sternly.

‘Yes he will trust me.'

I hate when She does that but She's wrong. I'll never be his, he said so.

Trying to think of something else I thought about Kristen and Crystal. Huh, who knew. I wonder when they'll tell everyone. They've been weird lately but I guess so know Why now. It's rare to have the same sex as a mate. Otherwise I'm happy they have each other. If only I could have that relationship with my jerk of a mate.

Walking to school gave me a chance to think. Though I might look like a crazy person muttering to myself. That happened before though.

One day I was walking to the pack house and this woman was walking behind me. That was the day mom and dad fought over who knows what and stopped talking to each other (kinda explains all the moans I heard that night,ughh) So started mumbling to myself how my parents were stupid and I guess the woman heard me.

“Excuse me. Did you just call me stupid?" She had a warmth to her. voice and She was Human.

I turned around to the sound of the person and looked at her,“No Sorry I was mumbling to myself." I turned around and continued where I left off. When I get annoyed I use my hands and they go everywhere. I smacked people many times; ended up laughing instead.

I spotted my crew and walked towards them.

“Hey guys."

“Hey Luna," said the twins.

I gagged playfully, “Don't call me that." Narrowing my eyes at them.

“Yes Luna. " Jase said, playfully bowing his head to show respect. More like try.

Rolling my eyes I turned to Jason, “Where are the girls?" I didn't see them when i got here.

He looked deeply in thought, “I don't know they just left."

Wonder what they were doing. A Smirk appeared on my face. I looked back at the guys to find they weren't there.

“Assholes." I said under my breath.

The bell rang so I continued walking inside only to be stopped at the scene before me.

Guess he's an ass after all.

My jaw clenched tightly together. I wanted to tear the girls head off for touching him like that.

‘That bitch,' said my wolf.

‘I know' I replied to her.

James was leaning against his car while he had the packs slut all over him. He saw me and a grin appeared on his face.

“You see I don't need you." He said under his breath before grabbing her face and kissing her roughly.

My heart shattered from there on but I only picked up the pieces and crazy glued them on. I didn't want to cry in front of him but I knew I had pain clearly shown in my face. Stupid emotions, I mate you.

I kept walking inside but was stopped by a hand on my arm. The sparks there clearly gave away who it was.

“Scarlet wait."

I didn't bother replying but I said the one words he sure did hate at the time.

“Bye," I didn't turn around to face him. I was clearly surprised that my voice sounded full of hate and it didn't quiver.

I yanked my arm from his grasp and didn't wait for him to say anything. I made my way towards the door and walked to homeroom.


I wanted to punch something. My face heated up and my fist clenched tightly together. Who knew one person can make you this pissed off.

I went for a run that Day. Going deep into the trees and stripping off. I took a deep breath before an immense hear began to fill my chest. I was shaking uncontrollably, bones popping and my canines appearing. Until Light golden fur appeared and I was Standing on four legs. My wolf was gorgeous.

“Why thank you." She said.

yeah yeah."

As I was saying, my wolf is gorgeous she's About the normal size female wolf but I was slightly bigger. I've always been bigger for some reason. She Had light gray eyes and they're gorgeous. I let her take control.

We ran for hours. Dodging branches, Digging our paws into the ground and shooting our body forward, enjoying the feeling of running. The thrill of letting go, the wind in our fur and the warmth of the air. My wolf is a part of me and I love her. Though sometimes She's an ass but I still love her.

I wish I could let go all the things wrong with me. Just have a world where we didn't have to worry much.

I wish I was in that world right now.


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