Baby, it's cold outside.

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"What are you doing?" I frowned at Ivory as she grabbed me, pulling me into the bathroom before shutting the door. Her eyes were wide with panic and covered in a glossy sheen.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked concerned, my heart thumping wildly in my chest. She looked so shaken up, tears brimming her eyes.

"Ivory?" I asked again, sitting her down on the ledge of the bath. She inhaled deeply before finally letting out a loud sob, her body shaking as she did so.

"I think... I think I'm pregnant!" she choked out looking me in the eyes. Her eyes were red raw and she looked so vulnerable, like a little child. I felt my stomach drop and tighten in several knots as I took in the information. My eyebrows scrunched together in confusion -

"Why do you think that?" I asked kneeling down between her legs to look up at her. She was sobbing, hiding behind her hair. I squeezed her knee gently to re-assure her but on the inside, I was panicking as much as her.

She was seventeen years old, no way is she ready for a baby.

"Have you and Ben been using protection?" I asked, nibbling nervously on my bottom lip. She nodded vigorously before sniffling and wiping tears away from her eyes -

"I'm on the pill Em! But I'm late, like really late," she explained fear growing in her voice. She reached over to her jacket that was hung up and pulled out a box of pregnancy tests.

My eyes widened as I realised this was actually happening. Ivory could actually be pregnant.

"Ivory," I said uneasily, forcing her to look at me. She held the box in her hands -

"Whatever the test says, I'll support you," I replied, swallowing the thick lump in my throat. I glanced down at her stomach in disbelief that she may actually be carrying a little baby foetus right now.

"Will you stay with me?" Ivory asked, vulnerability lacing her voice. I nodded, grabbing her hand and gave it a tight squeeze.

"Of course I will." My brain was so shaken up with the idea of her being pregnant.

She hadn't been with Ben long and if the test came back positive, would he support her?

How would she support herself and the baby?

How would Tobias and Jake react to their baby sister and cousin getting pregnant at the age of seventeen?

She's the same age as me, we're both barely adults ourselves. I didn't doubt she would make an amazing mother one day, she is loyal, loving and didn't have a bad bone in her body. However right now, it wasn't the right time, at all.

She was still in college, hadn't been with Ben long and didn't have a steady job or decent income. She loved partying and spending time with her friends and she hadn't even spoken to me about wanting children in the future.

"What are you gonna do if you are pregnant?" I asked quietly, dreading her answer. She shook her head, her eyes wide with worry -

"I have no idea," she choked back a sob. I took the box from her and read the instructions before opening it and taking out one of the tests. I held it out to her and she simply stared at it, frozen in shock.

"Ivory, I'm here for you."

She inhaled deeply, taking the test from my hand. I watched as she stumbled towards the toilet before I turned around, nervously waiting for her to pee on it.

"Are you done?" I asked a few moments later.

"I can't pee! I'm too scared," she muttered behind me. "Erm- think of a waterfall" I suggested, my hands flying out due to my nerves.

"A waterfall?" Ivory asked behind me and I nodded -

"You know, water? Think of lots and lots of water."

"That doesn't work Emily!"

"I don't know Ivory! Stick your mouth under the tap and chug?" I suggested and she groaned behind me, muttering curse words under her breath.

"That should do it," She muttered, standing up. Ivory held the stick in her hand and stared at it, her hand still trembling.

"What now?" She asked, chewing on her bottom lip. I huddled closer to her and stared at the little screen, waiting for the results -

"We wait."

"What happens if I am? It's Christmas tomorrow! I can't give Ben the gift of a baby!" She panicked, her voice breaking.

"Ivory, let's wait for the results." I comforted her, placing my arm over her shoulder.

"Oh my god,this is taking forever!" she whined, bouncing on the heel of her feet.

"Look!" I gasped, pointing at the test.

We both stood there in shock, staring at the little white test that had now determined whether or not she was carrying a child.

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