18) 31 Weeks Pregnant, I Need You!

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‘Anyway, your baby shower shell be in five weeks on your final day of school,’ Louisa announced as she put her phone into her bag before staring across the lake. I could see Luca and Rhys heading across the wooden bridge, both of them smiled as they came running. I gave the boys’ a large wave before turning back to Louisa.

‘You’ve planned it all?’ I asked a little flabbergasted. Louisa nodded with a smile. I hugged her again tightly. ‘Thank you so much!’

‘Well I know if it was me you would’ve done the same thing. I’ve even got Kiki coming down from London for a week so she’s taking a holiday from school,’ Louisa explained as she crossed her legs, her fingers travelled down to the grass and she began picking at it absent-mindedly.

‘Really?’ I questioned, still getting over the whole shock thing.

‘Yep, I even called your family and got them to come down. So far about one-hundred people are coming, Jackson hasn’t asked his friends yet and I still have a few more invites to hand out,’ Louisa told me. I nodded, a huge smile trying to break free from my face.

            Luca was doing kick ups with a football as he slowly reached us, Rhys was trailing behind him whilst doing something on his phone. ‘Hi boys’,’ Louisa greeted as she smiled flirtatiously, her eyelashes fluttering; she’s such a flirt. Luca kicked the ball high in the air before catching it spontaneously.

‘Girls’,’ Luca greeted with a nod. He threw the ball to the ground, allowing it to bounce over to the three of us before bouncing to a halt. Rhys gave us a little wave as he spun his rucksack onto the front of his body before putting his phone into the front pocket of it.

‘So, why did you want to meet us here?’ I asked as I copied Louisa previous move and began picking the grass as well, until I picked a dandelion and decided to pull the yellow petals off it, a single petal at a time.

‘What do you mean; can’t I just bring Rhys out to get a look of Wolverhampton?’ Luca questioned as he sat onto the grass. Rhys eyed him before sitting beside him and slouching into the grass, waving his fingers over the top of them.

‘You sounded pretty urgent to speak on the phone so get to the point,’ Louisa forced as she shuffled closer to us. Eda was sat silently beside Louisa as Luca hutched over to me.

‘Well, Rhys and I have a little announcement,’ Luca told us as he signalled for Rhys to come closer.

‘And the announcement is what?’ Louisa asked, she looked impatient.

‘Well, you know how I’m gay?’ I looked at Luca with a surprised look, he told Rhys? ‘Do you want to tell them or should I?’ Luca questioned in a whisper to Rhys.

‘You tell them,’ Rhys insisted in a whisper back. I was beginning to get confused, what was Luca and Rhys about to tell us.

‘I turns out Rhys is gay as well.’ I wouldn’t have ever expected that, then again, I wouldn’t have expected Luca to have been gay either.

‘What are you trying to tell us?!’ Louisa insisted loudly, she stuck her foot out tapping Luca’s leg roughly.

‘Rhys and I are dating,’ Luca told us hurriedly. Eda, Louisa and I looked at one another; we all wore the same shocked expressions.

Louisa was the first to break the silence, ‘I always knew you two would make a good couple,’ Louisa spoke like she’d know this her entire life.

‘You did?’ Rhys asked, I don’t know why but he never speaks much. I mean he’s a nice guy and everything but the only person he truly connects with is Luca, and now I see why.

‘Wait, I didn’t even know you were gay?’ Eda spoke questioningly.

‘The more you know,’ Luca laughed as he swung an arm over Rhys shoulder before pulling him closer to him. They just looked like best friends to be honest, but then Luca placed a kiss on Rhys cheek making Rhys blush.

‘Well now I’ll never have a chance,’ Louisa fake whined as she slumped down grumpily. ‘But you two are cute so it’s okay,’ Lou added on with a smile.

‘You think so?’ Luca asked as he came away from Rhys again, Rhys looked a little upset as Luca left but he soon went back to texting. The three of us girls’ nodded as Luca smiled at us; he showed adoration in his face as he looked at Rhys who was clueless.

            Luca and Rhys came running back to us; they both had ice-cream cones in their hands, one for each of us. Rhys handed me an ice-cream as Luca gave Eda and Luca one each. ‘So,’ Louisa began. ‘What’s going to happen when Rhys goes back to America?’

‘We haven’t thought about that yet, I suppose it’ll be one of the long distance relationships. I’ll skype him every day and we’ll come to see one another in breaks and stuff,’ Luca told us off the top of his head.

‘Oh Luca, you have the best plans,’ I giggled as I licked my ice-cream, it was pretty good ice-cream to say it was just from one of those vans.

‘Well plan things properly when we’re alone, I don’t really know,’ Luca spoke for himself and Rhys who was licking the ice-cream he had whilst resting against Luca’s shoulder. They were quite a cute couple. ‘Just don’t tell anyone,’ Luca insisted, we all nodded.

‘I want to go to the park,’ Louisa decided as she stood up, dusting the dry grass from her bum. The four of us stood up behind her and began following her across the field towards the park.

Luca and Rhys were playing football by the park, Louisa and I sat on the swings. Eda had left now so it was just the four of us. I was pushing my feet against the floor, giving myself a little movement but not enough that I’d swing far from the ground. I felt a tap on my back. ‘Want a push?’ a male voice questioned. I instantly stepped from the swing, stumbling a little before gaining my balance.

‘What are you doing here?’ I questioned as I looked at the male who was stood in front of me, he was smiling slightly as he stepped around the swing. Louisa stood up and stood at my side.

‘I was just having a game of football with my friends,’ my ex spoke; his voice was soft and calm.

‘Well why don’t you go back to that game of football, Jackson?’ I asked as I crossed my arms then stomped my foot. Jackson let out a little chuckle.

‘I just want an update on Bean,’ Jackson pleaded, he looked adorable and vulnerable.

‘No, I want you to leave me alone.’ I’m standing my ground, no matter what.

‘Please,’ Jackson begged, I sighed then gave in. Gripping Louisa’s arm I began speaking to him. ‘I need you.’

            ‘Now you know, leave me alone,’ I finally finished before walking away. Louisa hadn’t left my side the entire time. Best friend ever! I heard Jackson open his mouth but he didn’t say anything as we left to find Luca and Rhys who headed off as Jackson came to us.

‘You gave in,’ Louisa muttered at my side.

‘It’s his baby, he should be able to know,’ I admitted honestly. ‘Now c’mon.’


 Isabella told Jackson all the baby news, I feel like each chapter is getting worse... whatever. I apologise for this and I'm gonna blame it on the circumstances I'm writing in. It's rather stressful trying to do things like this, I'm not gonna lie.

I was walking around with my friend earlier and he just decided to get his penis out on me, I was just like "dude, put it away". I just felt the need to tell you guys that... ENJOY!  

-Tyra x

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