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If you are about to read this story, you should know the following.

This is a pretty long story I believe, that includes more than 400 pages on OpenOffice Writer and 60 chapters with the epilogue and a bonus chapter now.

This is part of a series and there will be a prequel and two sequels if my inspiration still works.

This is a Gay story, which obviously means men interacting together. If you are homophobic, I guess you should just delete the book from your library and look for something else.

The story is marked with Adult contents. So if you're under 18 or if you are not comfortable with sex scenes and strong verbal language, you may want to look for another book. There will be a lot of sex in this story, BDSM and even threesomes (this is actually a ménage à trois); however I don't intend to warn the readers at the beginning of each kinky chapters, because that will happen a lot.

I am absolutely not into the BDSM lifestyle and I don't mean any offense to those who do. I know that there are several degrees of practice, so there's no need to tell me: this is not how it happens, that doesn't exist, he shouldn't be behaving like this. Just remember that this is a fiction and this is how things happen in my imagination.

I have read countless books before I finally decided to write my own story. This is the first book I write and this is even the first time I try to write something at all. My inspiration comes from all these books I have read, both in French and in English, and from all the blogs and specialized websites I browsed for information. Some characters or situations might remind you of something you have already read and that wouldn't be surprising because I myself often feel like that or that character in the books I read remind me of characters from other books. Talking about character, mine are all fictional of course.

I am French and English is not my mother language. I have worked a lot on the phrasing so hopefully it won't sound too heavy. Remember, this is the first book I write. I have re-read myself several times and there shouldn't be too many mistakes, but if you find any, just let me know and I'll try to correct them. Although I studied British and American Literature and Civilization in university in France, I don't pretend to know everything. I did a lot of search about basic things such as the school systems, social life in general, etc. Things are so different in the US, I'm sorry if some things sound unrealistic or if there are inaccuracies.

Last thing, Illinois is a state I never visited and I have tried my best to make theplaces sound real. Why Chicago? Well... I wanted a city in the Northern states and didn't have that much of a choice. I visited New York, Washington and Philly, but didn't want the action set there. Then that was either Boston, Detroit or Chicago... so I simply tossed some folded papers and fate chose Chicago. Thank you Google and their so useful maps! Some of the places I describe are real and others come straight from my imagination. For example, Mark's address does exist but the building sitting there is definitely not like the one I imagined.

Well, I guess that's it. If you are still up to find out about Shan, Mark and my sweet, sweet Alex, turn the page and enjoy!

Snape75 (29 Apr 2016)

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