( chapter four. )

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  ANDREA ROLLED HER eyes in both annoyance and impatience. She was hardly listening as agent Rumlow explained what was happening and what was currently going on. She'd always found herself irritated with the STRIKE member. Perhaps it was his scruffy-looking face, or maybe it was the hardass exterior. She didn't really know, but there was something about this man that always set her off.

  It was a certain kind of feeling that told her not to trust him.

  The Jones woman set her attention elsewhere, having already debriefed herself on the mission. But, upon hearing Steve and Natasha begin to argue about the status of their said task, she quickly straightened up. The female turned to give Steve a pointed look, one that he merely heaved a sigh at. The mission may have been an easy one, but Andy appreciated them. It meant not having to worry about whether or not she'd see her friends again every time they split up.

  The female began to pick at her cuticles in an effort to amuse herself, listening only half-heartedly as Steve and Rumlow continued to talk. It wasn't until the Rogers man began to assign them different jobs did she finally give him her complete and undivided attention. "I'm going to sweep the deck. Natasha, you're going-" Steve was quickly cut off by Andrea.

  "I'll go with you." The female stated, her words showing no form of a question. She wasn't going to simply let the Rogers man go alone, it would be idiotic. "Not a chance, you'll go with Natasha." Steve told her, his voice firm. But, the stubborn part of Andrea refused to take no for an answer. As if I was asking for permission in the first place, the brunette thought bitterly to herself.

  The Jones woman crossed her arms over her chest. She stared up at Steve with determination set in her gaze. "It wasn't an offer, Rogers. You know I can help." She replied, refusing to give up. He had no idea how much he worried her when he took dangerous risks like this. While she admired his courage and bravery, she also thought it very stupid of him.

  If there was one thing she'd learned it was not to underestimate a threat.

  "You either go with Natasha or you stay behind as back up." Steve said, finality to his tone as he glared at the female. She happily returned the gaze. Hearing him talk to her in such a condescending tone was irritating. It was almost as if he were daring her to say something in retaliation. While Steve may have been one of her closest friends, he often seemed to forget how the Jones woman never backed down from a challenge.

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