Bastille fanfiction- The Triangle Of Oblivion

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Okay, so this is my very first fanfiction, I don't know how it's going to turn out, but if you have any suggestions feel free to comment. I know most fanfictions are all quickly paste, and the get to the point straight away, however I'm writing mine as if it was a 'book' as such so bare with:-)

All through the fame and fortune of Bastille only a few people stuck beside them, however some just wanted to be their friend for the fame. They didn't know who they could trust anymore, but through it all Emma and Esther and helped them (along with a few others). They'd always do the biggest screams at a concert, they started out as fans. One day, Emma had entered a competition to win and see Bastille with a VIP ticket to meet them afterwards. Emma never thought she'd win, she never wins these things but she gave it a go. Two days later she received an email.


We are informing you that you have won the Bastille completion. Could you please reply on and send us your address so we can send you the information pack and tickets. You will also be able to take 1 other person with you. (If you're under 18 they must be an adult)

Thank you, Dave

This Email was supposed to send to please click here if this is not you'

Emma was so close to pressing that link, she didn't know whether she was overjoyed or just frankly terrified. All thoughts fled her mind 'what if Dan think I'm weird because I'm 24 year old stormer' 'what if Woody doesn't like me because I don't like pasties'. But after 3 hours... she calmed down and decided to call Esther. The two was best friends and to make things better, Esther was also a stormer!

The two went to the gig together and then things have just escalated from there...

Emma, Esther Dan, Kyle, Will and Woody were all sat in the tour bus, they were having a few drinks but not too many because they had to go out and preform at Manchester Apollo in 2 hours. Emma looked out the window, she knew her life was mad, how this time last year she was just a girl with hopes and dreams, she saw a fan go by screaming because she had seen the tour bus. Emma always wanted the best for the fans, she looked back to the boys.

"Guys there's a little 13-14 year old outside in tears because she's seen your bus, why don't you have a picture with her" she proposed.

Dan looked up at Kyle as if to say 'I'm not replying but if you say yes then I'll do it' Before anyone Spoke, Woody smiled and went 'of course we will, is she still there?" Emma ran back to the window and nodded. One by one the boys approached the girl, Dan shouted "Hi" in his little London accent.

The girl started to jump about and cry, you could tell they felt a little uncomfortable knowing they'd would obviously have to console her. Dan hugged her before she could speak and said to her softly "There's no need to cry, we're not exactly David Lynch" The girl wiped her eyes, and started apologizing, the band felt so sorry for her but they loved meet their fans it gave them a nice feeling that someone somewhere does like their music. "Are you coming to the gig tonight?" Will asked. The little girl just looked down and shook her head, "I tried, but you sold out in two minutes and I couldn't find any and-" Dan interrupted "Well, do you want tickets?" The girl cried again... "oh my god! Would you really, are you serious? Am I dreaming?"

"What's your name?" Woody asked.

"Lisa" she replied. Dan reached into his pocket and pulled out two ruffled tickets, they were Emma's and Esther's but I'm sure he could sneak them in as a violinist or something.

"Right, here you are", he said handing them over "because you're under 16 bring an adult with you or you won't even be allowed in the venue, and you seem such a great fan it'd be a shame to miss out" The girl wiped her eyes, and hugged every member individually "before I go can I please have a photo?" Dan looked at the young girl smiled and replied "of course you can" The picture was taken and the little girl disappeared into the sunset. Dan remembered "It's sunset that means it's 6pm, we're on stage in an 1 and a half!" They ran back to the tour bus, Kyle tripping over his lace and smashing his face against the concrete floor. Dan saw what had happened and couldn't have any consideration because it was far too hilarious, he whipped out his iPhone and started filming to put on vine. Whilst Kyle was just laid there cursing swear words at is muddy converse. Kyle got up ready to set off again, but forgot to tie his lace, he began to walk really slowly so he wouldn't trip but then Will rushed down to his feet and tied the lace. They looked like a right set...

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