The Watch Chapter 1

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                                                                              The Watch - MattBlake

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Third Person POV.

Jackson woke up in his normal state; on the floor. Every night he falls off the bed and never wakes up. It's quite wierd. " Ugh " Jackson

said. " Why do I always wake up on the floor?? " He questioned himself. By that time his mom had come in and heard him ask.

" Because you're wierd. " She said. " Thanks mom, love you too. " He sent her a playfull glare. " Get up, get dressed. You don't want

to be late for school. " " Ugh, can I just skip school? " Jackson groaned. His mom ignored him and went out of the room. He then went to

his closet and decided to wear some jeans, and a blue V-neck shirt. Jackson had brown hair and green eyes, he had very pale skin and

he was about 15. He went to his mirror and set up his hair as normal, in a messy but straight down position. He went downstairs and got

a bowl and some Frosted Flakes. He went to the fridge to get some milk and sighed. There was no milk. " Mom! We're out of milk! " He

yelled to his mom upstairs. She responded with " Ok. "

30 Minutes Later.

Jackson POV.

I got to school on the bus avoiding the bullies. He slightly jogged to the door and a hand grabbed his shoulder before entering. " Ugh. "

I mentally though. He turned around and saw the " Head Bully " as he liked to call him. His name was Rob. " What do you want Rob? "

Rob smirked and said " You got my homework? " I groaned in my head. " You didn't ask for homework Rob. " His smirk grew. " Well, do

have it? " I thought to myself " How dumb is he?? " I then said outloud. " Well, you didn't ask so umm... let me think. No. "

I ran inside to get stopped by two other bullies, or as I call them, " The Servants " I mentally screamed at myself for not thinking this

through. All A's and B's and I didn't think of this. I turned around and looked at Rob. I immediantly got punched in the jaw. " Oww,

aww man that hurt. " I said clutching my jaw.

About five minutes later I was in the school nurses and sat down on the chair next to Nurse Amy, she had brown hair, hazel eyes and

was a bit short. Probably about 5'0 or so. I'm about 5'6 so she's pretty short. " Quite a bruise you got.

She said to me looking at my jaw. It was quite a bruise indeed. It was already turning a purplish color, I hope it doesn't stay like this. My

Mom would freak out. About 10-15 minutes later I had a IcePack and was heading to class, once I reached the door I realized

something.... I forgot a slip form the nurse saying I was there. I got into class apolagized and the Teacher Mr. Green said " Why are you

late Jackson? " I groaned and said " I was at the nurses office. " He looked at my jaw and IcePack and realised I was so I didn't need

a slip. I mentally thanked him, I was getting quite the luck today.

1 Hour Later

Jackson POV

About an hour later I was fixing to leave Mr. Green's class till I heard him say " Jackson, sit. " and I groaned mentally. " Yes, sir " I said.

" How did you get your jaw bruised? " At that moment I realised I couldn't tell him about Rob or I will get a much bigger beating. " Umm,

I fell when walking down the hallway... " I lied very smoothly. ( Note the sarcasm. ) He looked at me suspiciously, " If it was Rob just

tell me. " I then proceeded to shake my head no and said, " No, I fell. " I could practically cringed at how bad that lie was.

" Hmmhmm. "He said obviously not believing my story. " Well, you better be off then. " I shook my head agreeing. It's a good thing

I got out of there. I headed to my other classes and did my school boringly.

After School

Jackson POV

I'm finally free! I thought leaving school. I got a text from my mom saying to go by the store and pick up some things. I thought to

myself " How will I get there? " and as soon as I thought that I realised... she wanted me to walk. Oh well, i've walked farther. I walked

there and on my way a elderly man was sitting on a bench looking dirty and was pretty skiny as well. I walked up to him and asked " Are

you okay, sir? " and he looked at me and smiled. " Oh, yes i'm fine. I'm a bit hungry but i'll be fine. " I thought to myself " No one can

live like this. " I offered to take him to a restaurant and he politely declined saying he couldnt possibly pay for it. I would never make him

pay for his food like this, I told him " That's why i'll pay. " and he looked at me and his eyes wide he said. " Yes! Thank you so much, how

will I ever repay you? " I told him there was no need to repay me, I was just simply being nice to a old man in need.

When we got there we went inside and sat down, I asked him what he wanted and he said just a small burger and a drink. I smirked

and walked off. The lady at the front asked what I wanted to order, I then told her, " I'll take a small cheeseburger and a Large Bigmac,

and two large cokes. " She smiled and told the cook what we wanted. Five minutes later she came back and gave us our order. I set the

cheeseburger in-front of me and the bigmac I gave to him and smiled. He looked up at me and said confused " Why would you do this? "

I looked at him and said " You looked like you needed help and I helped. " He then smiled and handed me a old looking pocket watch. I

looked at him very confused, why is he giving me this? I looked back at him and gave the watch back. " No thanks. I have a watch. "

He then told me politely " Okay. " and he ate his burger while I ate mine. When leaving he thanked me and gave me a hug.

20-30 Minutes Later

Jackson POV

I got home and sat on the couch and felt something in my pocket and then I grabbed it. There was a watch, the one he offered me and a

note. I opened the note and read " Hello, my name is George, I am the man you met a bit ago. I saw how nice you were, I knew you

were the one that needs to have this. Keep this and don't loose it EVER it is very important and you will see that soon. Keep it safe and

it will do the same for you, I ask one thing of you, whenever someone is in need of help. Help them without question, even if you do not

like them. You must healp, and NEVER tell anyone about this UNLESS you completely trust them. " I was just so confused, I had no idea

what this meant. I mean it's just a watch.

End of Chapter one of The Watch.

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