Chapter 16

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Kellin's POV

Vic runs his fingers through my hair and I boredly hum along to what the doctor's saying. She keeps droning on about how starving myself if bad for me. I've heard it all before, and I dont care. They say it's bad for me but I'm pretty sure diabeties is worse.

"We're not sure how to approach this since it is the second time you're in here so we're going to leave it to your Mom to decide." The doctor concludes and I shake myself out of my daze.

"Hm, sorry I wasn't listening." I mumble and she huffs.

"I said, we're not sure whether to treat you as an in-patient or an out-patient." She says confusing me.

She obviously senses my confusion and begins explaining it to me.

"Last time this happened you were an in-patient. You were treated at the hospital by staff. An out-patient means you will go home and get treated by your family, occasionally getting checked on by a nurse. The different treatments work differently for different people. I'll leave you and let you discuss what you think will be best for you." She explains before leaving the room.

I look at my mom who's looking at me like she's contemplating something before she shakes her head.

"You're staying here." She says and my face falls.

"No Mom, please just let me come home." I whine.

"No Kellin, I've tried helping you but that hasn't worked. You need a professional." She says sternly and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah because a professional really "helped" last time." I mutter and she sighs.

"What about your father Kellin? Do you really want to come home to that?" She asks and tears brim my eyes, making an apologetic look form on her face. "I'm sorry Kellin."

"No fuck you Mom. You just want to get rid of me because no one wants me here. Everyone's ashamed of me." I say as I start crying. I know I'm overreacting but it's true. No one wants me here.

Vic wraps his arms around me and I bury my face into his chest just wanting some comfort right now.

"I'm not ashamed of you. I want you here." Vic whispers before kissing my head as I snivel into his shirt.

He rubs my back gently and I calm down but don't pull away just yet. I just let him hold me loving how comfortable I feel in his arms.


"Come on Honey please eat." Mom pleads and I interanlly groan looking down at the bowl of cabonara.

I shake my head and Vic kisses my cheek.

"If you eat this Kells, then you get to have this ugly ass tube removed." He says poking the NG tube that's still taped to my face.

"You think I'm ugly?" I ask worried.

"No, don't twist my words. I said that the tube is ugly. Though, you'd look a lot more beautiful without it." Vic explains and I sigh. I just want to be beautiful.

I pick up the fork and twist some cabonara onto it before holding it up to my lips. I let out a shaky breath before shoving it into my mouth, chewing then swallowing. Vic smiles proudly at me and kisses my cheek.

"Just a bit more." Vic incourages and I smile gratefully at him before I eat a little bit more then push my plate away.

"Come on Kell, you need to eat all of it." Vic sighs pushing it back towards me. I feel like a little child who's being forced to eat his vegetables.

"I don't want to. I can't." I whimper.

Vic looks contemplive for a minute before it looks like he has an idea.

"I'll tell you what. You eat the rest of it and I'll take my shirt off." He murmurs and I bite my lip, looking him up and down.

Am I seriously going to pass up a chance to have my boyfriend sitting next to me shirtless? He's so hot, I don't think I have a choice in this.

"You have to leave it off for the rest of the night." I add and he nods smirking. "And you have to let me cuddle with you."

He chuckles lowly and kisses my temple.

"Of course. But you have to eat all of it." He says and I nod picking up my fork again.

It doesn't take long for me to finish and Vic sticks to his promise, pulling off his shirt then wrapping his arms around me before pulling me into him. I giggle as I rest against him, feeling the heat radiate off his skin.

"You should just never wear a shirt again." I sigh dreamily and Vic chukles before kissing my cheek.

"Vic, I have a proposal for you." Mom says sounding hesitant and Vic nods. "How would you feel about Kellin staying with you for a few weeks?"

My jaw drops slightly and Vic looks at her surprised.

"I wouldn't be opposed to that but why?" Vic asks confused.

"He doesn't want to stay in hospital and he can't come home because I can't help him. I think you can." She explains and Vic nods.

"I can try." Vic murmurs before kissing my head.

I smile and grab his hand before linking his fingers with mine.

"As long as your parents are okay with it, of course. And Kellin you have to listen to Vic. If you're not getting better then I'll take you straight back to the hosptital." Mom threatens and I nod frowning. "By the way, there will be no fooling around while you're healing."

My eyes go wide.

"Mom." I groan and Vic chuckles.

"I'm being serious Kellin." She scowels.

"Don't worry Ms. Bostwick, I'll just stick to taking my shirt off." Vic grins.

I smile and lightly hit his arm in a playful way. He tilts my face towards his and gently kisses my lips.

"Keep smiling." He whispers when he pulls away.

I sigh contently as I rest my head against his chest. I listen to his heart beating, feeling it gently thud against my head. There's a comforting silence until my mom speaks again.

"Though, if you do fool around use condoms." She says and I groan.

"Mom." I whine and Vic just laughs again.

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