Chapter 2

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Runaway Hammy

Alexander's POV

Our wedding was tomorrow. Tomorrow! Despite my calm exterior, I'm freaking the fuck out, man. I need to leave.

I need to go somewhere. Anywhere. Just to clear my head. I'll be back... I think, at least. I wrote a note, and put it on my bed.

Angie's POV

"Alex? Alex! Where are you?!" I
said, running through his house. I needed to ask him if he liked the shoes I was wearing for his wedding.

"Alex?! I hope you and John aren't having sex now!" I said, and ran into his room, and saw a note folded neatly on the bed.

Dear whoever reads this,

If you're reading this probably means you're looking for me. I went to clear my head. I'm sorry, I don't know if I'll be back for the wedding. I love John, but I don't think I'll be able to do this.

"Well fuck." I said, and got out my phone. Time for a hammy search party.

[Group chat name: meme team without Alex or John because they keep doing cutesy gross couple stuff in the chat]


[1 image: attached]

Lafgayette: My god.

CinnamonRoll: We need to find him. Anybody know where he might be??


anDPEGGY: I think I might know where.

Peggy's POV

"And why exactly are you taking us to a bar?" Said Lafayette. "This is where it all began! It's where he broke his wrist, remember?" I said, and opened the door.

We looked around. "Alex! Alex are you here?" Some drunk guy stood up. "I... Am Alexander." He said, before passing out. I sighed.

"Not you, Alexander Graham Bell!" We continued our search.

Hercules's POV

After a failed attempt of searching the bar, we were all pretty frustrated. "You ruin everything, Peggy!" Yelled Angie, and Peggy started crying.

"Wait guys, maybe he's at the university!" I said, and they all looked at me weirdly. "You know, where they first met! Where they started as a couple!" Lafayette say down.

"But how are we going to get in there?" He said, and I smirked.

~at college~

"So your mastermind plan was to carry boxes and clipboards and wear glasses?" Said an annoyed Eliza.

"Trust me. Just act confident, and you can get anywhere. That's how I got into the 'My Little Pony' convention last year."

They started laughing. "Wait! No! I meant uh... the football convention!"

We made it to campus with only seventeen horse fucker jokes. We began to look around the quad. "Alex! Alex! Are you he-" I said, and bumped into the one person I don't want to see right now.

"Oh, hi guys!" Said John. "What are you guys doing? I'm here to see Washington." He said cheerily. "Uh... So am I! They were just my ride. C'mon, let's go!" Said Peggy, and quickly led John away.

Angie's POV

We checked about seventeen different places now, and right now it was seeming hopeless. They were getting married in what, nineteen hours now? "...I think we might need to tell John."

Everyone but me sighed. "Yeah." I stood up. "No! There's a million places he could be. He loves John, and he can't miss this! I can't see two of my best friends hurt like this."

Hercules stood up. "Well what do you want us to do, Angelica? Hire a fucking search party, travel the globe within 18 hours? Is that would you would like? You'd end up in a hospital just to keep your friends happy, Angie. Just accept it. It's over." He said, and slumped back down.

Wait...Hospital. "Hercules, you're a genius. Come with me, guys." I said, and yanked him back up.

Alexander's POV

I sat outside the hospital. This is where we first kissed. I feel like an asshole. Maybe I should come back, I really do love him. And I want to do this, I'm just not sure.

"ALEX!" Screamed Eliza, and she ran up to me, followed by the meme team, except for John. "W-what? How did you find me here?" I said, and stood up.

"Angie... Is... A genius!" Said Lafayette, panting. "And you're an idiot, Alexander." Said Angie. I am an idiot. I love John, what am I doing? "Let's go back." Said Angie smiling, and stuck out her hand to help me up.

Peggy's POV

I don't think they're going to find him. I think I'd be the best to tell John, we're the closest. "John... You may want to sit down, I have bad news." I said and he did, still smiling.

"What is it? Sorry, I'm just so happy!" He said, and began to smile more. I frowned. "Listen, Alex is-" I said, and at that moment the meme team walked in. Including Alex. "Right there! Hi Alex!" He happily sat next to John.

"Well, get some sleep guys! The weddings tomorrow! Not that you had a long day or anything..." Said John. You have no idea.

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