Chapter 33

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Madison's POV
I rolled my eyes in annoyance while Cameron and Kat mumbled lovey-dovey things to each other for the thousandth time today. Jack shook the keys in his hand impatiently as I wrapped my arms around his free arm and stared down at my phone screen. We both let out a sigh as I started to approach the two love birds who managed to make me agitated by the looks they were getting from around the airport.

"Sorry to interrupt, but your goodbyes are long over-due. I don't even understand how you managed to get a last minute flight with us here, and I don't see how that would benefit you in any sort of way. There's new 21st century technology called skype, FaceTime, tango, Twitter, SOCIAL MEDIA that you guys can use. Oh! And don't forget mobile phones", I commercialized to them as Jack struggled to hold back laughter behind me. I groaned in annoyance when they ignored me and stomped away to the closest bench. My phone vibrated and I saw I had a text from Jack.

-Babe, come over here.

I looked up and saw him standing by them still, with his eyebrows raised at me. I gave him a weird look before slowly walking towards him and his smile grew.

"Something wrong?" I asked him and he chuckled.

"No, I just wanted to know if you prefer Starbucks or taco-bell", he stated and I looked up at him through my eyelashes to see if he was being serious.

"That's so irrelevant", I managed to get out as a smirk tugged at the corner of my mouth.

"So your not hungry?" He asked me in a nonchalant voice.

"Lead the way", I answered as I interlocked our arms and headed in the way of the cafeteria as he chuckled again.

*skip lunch*

We were currently walking towards where we left them in the first place, and burdened into laughter when we saw Shawn sitting a distance away from them and glaring into their souls. My face lit up when I saw Aaliyah sitting beside him and I ran up to her.

"I thought you left?" I questioned her and she looked up at me with a smile before Shawn answered.

"We missed our flight because of the her", he said bitterly through gritted teeth without removing his eyes from them. We all laughed as I pulled Aaliyah away to the mirror. I looked at her when I noticed we were wearing the same shirt, and had the same sunglasses on.

(A/N: the picture at the starting of the chapter is what their wearing and I'll have you know, I spent from 11:30pm until 12:12am making it because I have no life.)

"They missed their flight so they're gonna be staying with us until tomorrow", I heard Cameron's voice behind me and jumped.

I turned around and headed towards the car with Aaliyah tagging along behind me. Shawn drove the way, Jack face timed Johnson and they discussed tour dates and joked around, Cameron sat beside Katherine, and me and Aaliyah took selfies together in the back.
Everyone else were in a different car but I didn't understand why they were still here in Chino Hills. The soft sound of everyone in their own conversation was somewhat calming after the past few weeks and relaxed me. I felt ecstatic because of the people and everything surrounding me at the moment. I took a deep breath as we pulled up into the parking lot of our apartment.
The second the car stopped, I jumped out and bolted inside until I reached my room. I stopped when I saw my bed before jumping and landing face-front onto it and letting out a sigh. The house was filled with the quiet, but loud humming of people's voice as I heard someone running up the stairs. I closed my eyes and let the comforters swallow me until the sound of the door squeaking open made me groan.

"Mads, I need you to come downstairs for a sec because we have a big announcement", I heard Cameron's voice as he softly chuckled.

"I'm busy", I opened one eye and looked at him leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed and a smile spread across his face.

"Well that's too bad", he spoke up as footsteps filled my ears. Right when I thought he was gone, I felt myself being lifted off my bed as he threw me over his shoulder and began to go down the stairs.

"But- but I was about to sleep", I pouted.

He ignored me and sat down on the couch with me on his lap. I looked up and saw everyone sitting around in silence and quietly laughed at how awkward the moment was.

"So as we discussed this before, we are all eventually moving together", dad started to speak as I payed my head back on his chest.

"We've found a perfect house already", he continued and wrapped his arms around me before placing his chin on my head,"But unfortunately, Jacob and Hunter won't be able to move in".

I let out a sigh and layer my legs out on Jack's lap, who was currently sitting beside us. "Great, because I'd rip their heads off in a matter of moments", I stated, causing laughter to erupt.

"That wasn't a joke", I turned and said while everyone shut up.

"Well check the house out tomorrow before you all leave, sounds good?" He asked and there were nods from all around the room.

"Great, you guys already know where your staying but Aaliyah and Katherine, your staying in Madison's room, and Madison your staying with me", Cameron told us as I snuggled up against his chest and closed my eyes.

"As long as I could sleep now, then I'm fine", I whispered and yawned.

"It's not like anyone can stop you if they wanted to so go ahead", Jack mumbled and I shot him a glare, which turned into a smirk eventually as I failed at my attempt not to smile.

"I'll just sleep on the couch", I stated as Cameron pulled out his phone and started to scroll through something. I closed my eyes and drifted away with the sound of what I found comforting, the voices of people who couldn't leave my life if they wanted to.
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