Everyone in this world is searching for their truth. Their purpose in life, their reason for living.

I thought I had found mine in music. I thought I had discovered what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to create beautiful melodies and inspiring words, and I was content with that. And so I stopped searching.

And then I met Connor. In a series of events that I will explain in greater detail later, I came to the overwhelming realization that I hadn't found my truth, I had just stopped looking for it. I had settled for a life that was ordinary. Connor made me realize that.

He had found his truth. He was a writer, an adventurer, creating worlds that transcended my imagination, and combining words in such a way that it created beautiful poetry. He was also blind. He experienced the world through sounds, tastes, touches, and smells, and yet he was able to describe a scene in such perfect detail it made me believe that he was other-wordly, superhuman.

But he was not. He was just a boy who helped me find my truth. He taught me how to view the world in ways I never even thought of before. He taught me that reality exists beyond the five senses.

Who knew that it would take a blind boy to help show me the true purpose of life? Who knew that it would take a blind boy to help me realize that sometimes, not everything you see is what you should believe.

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