Chapter One Hundred Forty Three

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Anora and Tonks stood outside for some fresh air, after the warmth inside the Burrow became too much for Anora. Anora looked out at the light blanket of snow that had fallen since they were all inside.

"I'm so happy for you two, you know that right?" Tonks said to her as they leaned against the side of the house together. "I always thought you two were great together."

"Oh I remember, all the times you told me before we left Hogwarts."

"Well, I was right, wasn't I? I mean, look at you two, you're about to have a baby together and you're engaged..."

"I'm beginning to think you're a Seer, Tonks." Anora laughed.

"I might be, but then again, it was also super obvious that there was something going on between you two. You guys work really well together. You're the fire and Charlie's the fire tamer..sort of..on a good day." 

The two women snickered. "You mean, he's my rock?" Anora said. "I'll agree with that. He definitely keeps me grounded and calm when no one else can. But he can't tame me, no one can fully tame a dragon."

"I can't wait to see the temperament of your child. It's other going to be fiery or calm. Or a strange mixture of both. A calm child who spits fire."

"That'll definitely keep parenthood exciting as if I thought it was going to be boring for a second raising a child at the dragon sanctuary."

Tonks' eyes widened and she looked over at Anora who was calmly catching several snowflakes in her hand.

"You're going to stay at the sanctuary?"

Anora turned to her. "Well, of course I am! What am I supposed to do, come back here and get a desk job? Ha. No."

"But're pregnant."

"Yes, but I'm still capable of moving around just fine. I don't need to lay down all day every day until the child arrives. I want to keep working."

"But the baby-"

"The baby will be fine, I'm not going to put myself in danger and I'm not going to put Charlie and I's unborn child in danger either. Everything will be just fine. You should see Roscoe and Norberta, I think they're excited about the pregnancy as well. Instead of flight training, there's much more cuddle sessions. I enjoy my dragon taco afternoons."

"Dear Merlin, don't let Molly hear that or she'll tie you to the bedpost."

"I'm afraid I'm not into that, Tonks."

Tonks whacked her arm.

Anora gasped frightening the woman. "What?! What?" Tonks said.

"Sorry I'm just messing with you, Tonks." Anora grinned.

"Ugh don't do that! You got me all worried."

"I don't need any of you worrying over me, I'm fine. The baby is going to be fine. Everything is going to be fine.  I haven't gotten myself killed after all this time, so have some faith in me."

"I do...but I worry about the little Weasley Forney that's growing inside of you because I plan on being the best aunt to that child."

"How about godmother?"

"Well I-" Tonks fell silent for a moment as the word godmother registered in her head.

"Me?" Tonks whispered to her. "You want me to be the godmother?"

Anora smiled at her. "Only if you want to be, I understand if your aunt responsibilities overrule-"

Suddenly, Anora found herself wrapped in a tight hug. 

"Of course! Of course I'll be the godmother! I...I didn't think you guys would want me-"

"Well of course we would want you! Who else would we ask, one of the dragons?!"

"Oh I'm going to be an aunt and a godmother at the same time, I'm so happy!" Tonks hopped up and down in place.

"So Tonks the news rather well.." Charlie said that evening as Anora was already lying down in bed, beginning to drift off.

She smiled. "Oh yes, she was happier than I expected, which I didn't think was possible. Did you see how bright her hair got, nearly put the sun out of business."

"Well, I'm glad she accepted, and I'm sure Bill will be more than accepting when I ask him."

"He better be, I'll punch that git in the throat if he says no."


"I'm joking...partially."

"Still so violent." Charlie said laying down beside her on the bed with a yawn. She grinned cheekily at him before snuggling into her covers with a yawn herself. "So I was speaking with my mother when you went outside with Tonks for some air..."

"And?" Anora opened one eye looking directly at him.

"She says that we are more than welcome to stay here during the duration of the preg-"

"No." Anora said bluntly.

"But you-"

"No." She turned onto her other side.


"No." She covered her head with the blanket.

"Will you let me-"

"No. Goodnight, Charles."

He sighed. "Goodnight, Anora....stubborn arse."

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