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Whether you're on mobile or online, all you need to do is click the link on our profile to access the sticker.

When you do this,

1. Download/save the image to your device.

2. Open your cover in a photo editor.

I am going to explain how to add a sticker to your cover with (i) Picsart Photo Editor, and (ii) Superimpose.

(i) In Picsart, simply select "Edit" and select your already-finished cover image.

Then, click "Add Photo" and choose the sticker. It will be square-shaped with black edges filling in anything that isn't the sticker if your device doesn't handle PNG's. If your device does, you can skip the next few steps.

At the top of the screen there will be the choice to "Crop," "Free Crop," and "Shape Crop"- as well as a few other things.

Select "Shape Crop," and choose the circle shape. Adjust it so that it fits the edge of the circle and click the checkmark.

Make it as large or small as you want it, make sure that the placement is okay, and then click the checkmark again.

Either take a screenshot and crop it on Wattpad, or save the image.

(ii) In Superimpose, open your cover as the "Background image".

Then click the top lefthand corner and select "Add Foreground". Choose the sticker.

First, make the sticker as large as possible without making the edges disappear in "Transform", then head over to "Mask".

When you click the top righthand corner, a menu will show up. Select the "Mask Ellipse Tool" and cover the circle part of your sticker with it.

Then, at the top, click "Invert". It has a diagonal line down the middle, and is black and white.

Now you won't be able to see the sticker anymore, because the mask is covering it. Your foreground will look blank. Simply click on the "Transform" tab. Move the mask off of your cover and adjust the location and size of your sticker in "Transform" again.

Don't save it as a PNG.

Please let me know if you want us to do it for you (via PM) or if you want other tutorials.

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