(41) ~ going home ~

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The next morning you wake up and Tony wasn't there but the sheet was pulled over. " Tony? Where'd ya go?" You ask sitting up and you sore blood on the floor. " Tony!" You yell and follow the blood. " hey there" he says washing his arm. " you scared me to death" you say and come up to him. " what happened?" You asks looking at the small cut on his arm. " I kinda cut it on the bedside table" he says. " you knucklehead" you say and laugh a little. You turn the tv on to the weather report. " today is going to be cloudy with a high chance of snow!" The lady says. " SNOW" you yell happily. " calm down. Your acting like you've never seen snow before" Tony says and hands you a plate of toast. " I haven't" you admit and bite down on your toast. " you haven't?" He said looking at you and you shook your head. " wow" he says and puts his warm jumper on your shoulders. " well. I guess we should really go to work shouldn't we" you say and finish your toast. " can't be bothered" Tony mumbles. " same" you say and put the plate away. You put on a pair of dark brown jeans and you put a tshirt on. You then zip up your Ncis jumper and put your hair in a ponytail. Tony put a pair of jeans on and a tshirt and his jumper like you did. " let's go" you say half an hour later and you both bolt out into the car. " I miss home" you say. " same. We will go home soon" toy says and we arrive at Ncis la. " ( y/n) , Tony please follow me" Hetty says and you look at each other. You both follow Hetty into a room. " you guys can go home now. You have helped heaps up here and it's time you's got home. If we ever need help again we know who we can trust." Hetty says smiling at you both. " thanks Hetty. We both have had fun here with you and your team. " you say and Tony nods agreeing. " go say your goodbyes and then you can go pack" hetty says and walks away towards her desk. You open the door to the conference room. " bye guys. We're going home" you say and give Nell a hug. " gonna miss you" Nell says. " me to" you say and let you. You then give Eric a hug. " good luck with her!" You whisper in his ear and he smiles. " thanks" he whispers back and you both let go. " cya round" Tony says and closes the door behind you. You both walk down the stairs. Kensi , Deeks , Callen and Sam where all waiting for you at the bottom. " goodbye guys" you say and have a big group hug. Sam hands you your helmet. " thank you" you say and take it. " well. I guess we will see you next time" Tony says half smiling. You put your glasses on and smile. " geez you look dangerous " Deeks says and you look at him. " thank you" you say flattered. " let's go" you say and put your helmet on. You climb on the bike and turn it on. You wave to the la team as you backed out soonly followed by Tony. " gotta stop by at the base. Gonna say goodbye to Lt Riley" you say and Tony agrees. You both pull out and go down the highway towards your hotel. An hour later you where all packed and where heading to the base. You pulled in and Lt Riley came running over. " I came to say my last goodbye" you say and turn the bike off. " awww" he says frowning. " I'll be back. Gotta come see the mockingjay every now and then" you say and give him a hug. " I'm gonna miss you. Tom cruise" you say and you hear him burst out laughing. You smile and join in. " before you leave your uncle needs his car fixed" he says letting go of you and trying to act serious. " for gods sake what does he do with it" you say and climb off the bike and out the key in your pocket. " he drives it to much" Riley says and leads you and Tony to his car. " that's rooted" you say looking at the heap of scrap metal. " he thinks you can fix it" Riley says. " he's dreamin" you say and kick the metal away. " yep. Like I said rooted." You say as you lift the bonnet up. " it hasn't even got an engine" you say and slam the bonnet down. " I can't fix it if it doesn't have an engine" you protest. " I know but I just wanted you to check it" your uncle says coming up behind you. " hello. I'm just here for final goodbyes" you inform him. " well. It's time you leave. You have done your duty and is no longer needed here" the chief says coming out of the door. " ok ok. We will leave" you say backing up to the bike. " rude" you say and pull the key out. " please be careful out here Riley. I don't need you dead" you say and climb on the bike. " will do ma'am" he says smiling. You turn the bike on. " cya round stormy" you say and back out following Tony. A while later you are on the airplane with Tony on the same private jet you came in. " this is nice" he says looking round. " ehh" you say and lie down flabbergasted on what the chief said. " you right?" Tony asks. " yeah fine. Just flabbergasted on what the chief said" you admitted. " just ignore him" Tony says and lays down with you.

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