Dating the Son of Zeus *22*

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“What?” I asked quietly.

“I know Hercules,” she said, her eyes completely meeting my own. “I know everything.”

I stood there utterly shocked. She knew about it all. If she had seen the memory of when my father had told me to come to earth then there wasn’t anything that she didn’t know. I put my head down for a moment; I couldn’t bear to look at her. I had been keeping this monumental piece of information from her and now she knew. I had no idea what to say, or what to do. She walked over to me and stopped, reaching her hand out she lifted my head up until I was looking at her again. We continued to stare at each other in silence until I couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Sophia, I’m so sorry I—,“ she cut me off.

“You don’t have to say anything. I understand,” she said.

“You do?” I questioned.

“Yes, I do. Look Hercules, a lot has been dropped on me in the past few days, and to say that I’m struggling to keep up would be an understatement,” she said quickly. I just stood and listened in silence.  “But, I still think that you have the worst end of all of this. You were forced to come, to find someone to marry, and then you had to tell them about who you are and what you want. I’m not happy that you kept things from me. I would hope that you would know you can tell me anything,” she said.

“I know I can. It’s just I didn’t want to overload you with all of this. I’m still waiting for the moment you’ll look at me and see how insane everything and decide you want nothing to do with me,” I said quietly.

I watched as she let out a small laugh. “How many times do I have to tell you that you aren’t going to get rid of me that easily? I love you Hercules. I love you more than anyone else in the entire world, and even though this is all crazy, and doesn’t seem real, I wouldn’t wish to have it any other way.”

I stared at her with complete admiration. She was taking everything better than I would have ever expected. I never would have thought that she would be so alright with all of this. But even though she was saying that everything was fine, did that mean she was ready to be my wife?

“So, what exactly are you saying?” I asked.

“I’m saying,” she said as she took a few steps closer to me, looking up at me with her bright, seductive eyes. “That I am willing to do whatever I have to do to be with you for the rest of my life.”

A grin instantly took over my face. I grabbed her face firmly, yet gently in my hands and brought her lips to mine. I kissed her with everything I had. I knew that she was the one. At the time when my father had told me to come to Earth to find a bride I had thought he was insane. I considered just staying and letting him choose for me because there was no way I would find anyone that I could love or that would be worthy enough; but now, holding Sophia, kissing her passionately, I knew that this was the best thing I had ever done in my entire life. I had found the one that was supposed to be mine, and she was accepting of it all. Breaking apart we both gasped for breath.

“I can’t believe that this has all worked out the way it has,” I said, smiling down at her.

“Yes, it is quite incredible,” she said. She went to turn around and my eyes caught sight of the small purple bruised on her arms. I grabbed her hand again, turning her to face me.

“You never explained these,” I said sternly. She looked down at them again and then at me.

Sighing she said, “Like I said, Hector came to see me tonight. He started the dream just like you always start ours. We were in the garden and he looked like you. I kissed him.” At this I felt myself tense. She had kissed Hector. I could feel my blood boil. I would kill him. “He gripped my arms and when I tried to pull away he refused and just gripped me harder. That’s where these came from,” she said gesturing to her arms.

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