Chapter 1: The Dimensions

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(A/N This book will have a lot of switching between POV's)

{3rd POV}
Everyone A. K. A. Adam, Alesa, Jess, Jason, Ash, Sam, Ryder, Lucas, and Rick. Were walking through the convention smiling and chatting. When Adam, Jess, and Ash go look at something. Suddenly, the three dimension jumpers were pulled into three portals. Before they close Jason, Alesa, and Sam jump after them.

{Ash's POV}
I land face first on a carpeted floor. I groan and roll over only to have Jason fall on top of me. The portal closes behind him. "Jason get off you're really heavy." He does as told and we stand up to notice that we're in some sort of bedroom. "Ash, where are we?" Jason asks confused. "I think we're in Adam's Roommates dimension."

{Jess's POV}
I land on my back then Alesa falls on top of me. After she fell through the portal closes. She gets off me and we stand up to notice that we're in a huge bedroom full of hi-tech stuff. "Jess, where are we?" Alesa asks me. "I'm pretty sure that we're in one of Dragon's dimensions." We open the closet to find it full of weapons, guns, and ammunition. "Yep, we're defiantly in Dragon's dimension alright."

{Adams POV}
I fall face first onto a hard floor then Sam falls on top of me. Once we stand up we notice that we're in a big and VERY purple bedroom. "Adam, where are we?" Sam asks looking around the room. "I think we're in one of Jess's dimensions."

{3rd POV}
Just then all three jumpers become weak and dizzy then pass out at the same time from being in the wrong dimension. A few minutes later they wake up and call each other on their jumper bracelets which go from their wrist to their elbows. A three way split screen pops up showing each other. "Hey, did you two also pass out a few minutes ago?" Adam asks, and the girls both nod their heads. "Ok, first off we need to know who is with who and in which dimension." Ash, says, "Well I'm pretty sure that me and Sam are in Jess's My street world." Adam answers, "How?" Jess asks curious, "Oh I don't know maybe the fact that the room we're in is completely purple." Adam answers sarcastically. Jess rolls her eyes and says, "Well I'm pretty sure that me and Alesa are in Ash's 3rd dimension judging by the technology and closet full of guns." "Yeah. That sounds like Ash's dimension alright." Sam said as Ash glared at him. "Well me and Jason are in Adam's roommate dimension." Ash, answers as the door to Jess and Alesa's room comes crashing down. Alesa and Jess bolt out of the window and Jess gets knocked out. Sadly when she fell she broke her communicator.

{Adam's POV}
Me, Sam, Ash and Jason, just watch as Jess's line goes black. "Jess? Jess! Jessica please answer." Jason yells into the communicator. "I think we should go before that happens to us." I point out, "Right common Jason let's go." Ash says as her line goes black and I turn off my communicator as well.

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