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Stay with me
That night, Yoongi didn't go home. He stayed by Jimin's side to protect him. The two had to use the same blanket so they were pretty much snuggled up together the whole night.

The reason Yoongi couldn't take the homeless boy home was because his parents would kill him. When he gray haired woke up the next morning, he noticed his head was resting on the brown haired who was resting on Yoongi's shoulder.

Thing is, Jimin was fully awake. "S-sorry." Yoongi sat up.

Jimin smiled, "It's fine... Thanks for staying with me."

The smile made Yoongi smile, "It's no problem. We should get to school." Jimin nodded and the two went off to their classes.

"So what was Jimin's secret?" Hoseok and Taehyung came up to Yoongi who was at his desk.

"Are you sure you guys aren't dating? You guys are literally together 24/7, you guys even made out." Yoongi stated, trying to avoid the topic of Jimin.

"We made out because we were drunk!" Hoseok defended.

"Namjoon told me that when he took you guys home to his place that night, he gave you guys separate rooms but you two insisted on staying in the same room. He even said he heard the bed moving and moaning from that room." Yoongi smirked.

"Uh... It was ghosts!" Taehyung glanced around making an excuse. "Now back to topic, what's Jimin's secret."

Yoongi shrugged, "I-I don't know." He scratched his head.

"Liar. It must be important. Your parents called me asking where you were since you didn't show up home." Hoseok crossed his arms.

"Wait? My parents called you guys? That means-" Yoongi was caught off when Namjoon stormed into the classroom and went over to Yoongi.

"Where the hell were you last night?" Namjoon exclaimed.

"Knew it." Yoongi sighed, "I stayed at Jimin's place. And you shouldn't be talking to your hyung like that."

"Next time, tell your parents. It worried the fuck out of me when I found out you didn't go home." Namjoon rubbed his temples.

"Sorry..." Yoongi looked down.

After school, Yoongi waited by Jimin's class. Jimin came out and sighed, "Sorry hyung, I have to work at that bakery to pay back for what I took now."

"Oh? That's fine, I'll go with you." Yoongi smiled.

"But shouldn't you go home? You're wearing the same clothes as yesterday and you haven't seen your parents." Jimin raised an eyebrow.

"Right... Then I'll meet you there later." Yoongi nodded, satisfied then left.

Thus he went home and his parents yelled at him, telling him not to go anywhere else for the rest of the night.

So there Yoongi was, sneaking out of his house through the window in his two story house. He climbed onto the tree then climbed down. Right then, he went straight to the bakery.

"Sorry I'm late." Yoongi apologized as he went to the register where Jimin was.

"It's fine... You didn't tell anyone about me being homeless right?" Jimin asked.

"I promise I didn't." Yoongi smiled leaning his head on his hand on the counter.

"Um... There's a line behind you..." Jimin looked at the line behind Yoongi.

"O-oh..." Yoongi stepped to the side and sat at a table.

He waited until Jimin's shift was done to talk to him, he just played on his phone the whole time.

"So... Can I stay with you again tonight?" Yoongi asked Jimin when he was done.

"Why? Weren't your parents upset?" Jimin wondered.

"Who knows?" Yoongi lied, "But I bought a spare clothes to change into tomorrow so can I please be with you? I'm worried you'll get hurt if you're alone."

Jimin sighed, hesitant... "Alright."

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