Bros Unite

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As we were walking I accidentally turned on my music. Nice. Oh goody a Pewdiepie song is playing. Great. Of course its "Senpai Suck My Ass". FABULOUS. Yet again I mentally facepalmed. I blushed embarrassed.

To my surprise, he gasped and sang along to it knowing all the words. He's hot, a model, AND A BRO...Have my babies Adrien-san. I laughed and sang along with him...until BitchFaceMagee showed up.

"Hey Adrikins!"She yelled pushing me out of the way and molesting senpai's arm.

"Oh Hey Clo," He kindly acknowledged her and shook her off his arm turning to me. "If you excuse me, me and Y/N were  having an extremely interesting conversation"

Ho-ly-SNAPPLES! For the first time in my life I have been put before a slutnugget! I was internally screaming and as we walked away I blew a raspberry at her feeling confident in myself for once.

"So you like Pewdiepie too?" he stopped my mental victory dance.

"Of course!" Fangirling in front of Sir Yummy...again I say smooth.

We walked into History and he said that for today, since Nino had texted him saying he was at home puking his guts out (ew), that I could sit next to him. Do you know what that means?! OUR BUTTS WILL BE INCHES AWAY! INCHES!

He smirked and pulled out a piece of paper and drew something then handed it to me. It was a pigeon dressed as Ezio from Assassins Creed and the top said "Assassin Pigeon" and he laughed like he was a comical mastermind or something. I simply drew a picture on the back of Adrien as a barrel.

"Oh its on!" he laughed and grabbed a notebook drawing in it with his tongue sticking out as he did. I did the same even mocking him by sticking my tongue out and for the whole class we had a drawing war.

Or atleast until something life changing happened...

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