Chapter 1 : Jaylie

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Jaylie' s Point of view:
"Ouch that hurt" I said as my mom threw me in the car. "Shut up you little brat." She said in response. " Now you listen closely girl, if I hear one little peep out of you you will get seriously injured okay?" Said my father. I nodded. " we are going out on a little drive" mother said I once again nodded I bucked up my seatbelt. We started driving until we got to the middle of nowhere. It had a big ditch. My dad unbuckled. I unbuckled as well. " Get Out" he said. I was afraid, so I obeyed. Dad started punching and kicking and slapping me I started to cry and scream for help but nobody would come. "Help" I said " shut up" dad said. That was the last thing I heard.

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