my vampire slave 10

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Ok. I wasn't going to upload because I just have but I found a picture for this chapter, didn't want to loose it . So here it is - I will shut up now.


Vlad's P.O.V.

Siouxsie had form first and her form room appeared to be a science lab so all the humans were sitting on tall stools. Siouxsie sat near the very front and I sat behind her on the floor. She was sitting next to a nerdy looking red haired girl and I was sitting next to her cute blonde slave on the floor. The blonde vampire was too cute and looked like a little girl but she was about sixteen. She smiled brightly at me and I returned a quick half smile. I couldn't be bothered to socialise at the moment. When form was over, Siouxsie told me that she had dance class next, as we made our way to the gym. "We are doing ball room dancing at the moment so I need to go and change into my dress - since you are a boy you cant come in," She giggeled "So just go and wait in the gym." She said pointing to a big door. I nodded and opened the door. The gym was very big, about the size of a ballroom. Although it was big, it stunk of sweat so it wasn't too apealing. I walked over to a corner where a bunch of vampires were sitting on the floor and I sat with them. One girl across from me was tremberling in pain because every inch of her body was covered in bruises and cuts and not one inch of her skin was showing. There has been times when I had looked like that. Suddenly I was disstracted when all of the students walked in with old looking gym teacher in a long dress following behind them. All the girls were wearing long, floor length ball room dresses and the guys wear all wearing suits and tuxedos. A few of the boys were laughing and pointing at the vampire who was covered in bruises - apparently, from what I could hear, she was one of thiers and the boy was recalling step by step what happened. I scanned the hall for Siouxsie and eventually spotted her talking to a fair haired blond boy dressed all in black who was obviosly a goth. I averted my eyes to Siouxsie to see what she was wearing. She looked absolutly beautiful in her long black gown and the bodice showed her waist perfectly. My heart lept out of my chest at the sight of her although I wish it didn't and I didn't know why I was having these feelings lately. I looked over to the old gym teacher as she began to speak. " Okay class, today we are going to go over what we did last lesson. Do I need to remind you of how it goes?" A few people nodded and mumbeled a yes. When they did she began to walk over to us vampires on the floor. I wondered what she was doing untill shockingly, she hoisted me up from the ground by my collar and snarled in my ear "Can you dance slave!?" I shook my head quickly, still shocked, my eyes wide. She tutted in discust and pushed me to the floor with all her might. I landed painfully on the floor and some of the boys sniggered and a few of the girls giggeled. My face turned red in anger but I suppose it could have been mistaken as embarresment. The horrible gym teacher then pulled up another boy who had aparently been there last lesson and began to dance with him inthe middle of the room. Whe she was done, she pushed him to the floor like she had done to me and he landed on his face. That had to hurt.

The teacher told them to get into partners and practise the dance. Siouxsie turned to the blonde boy next to her and he put one of his hands on her waist and the other onher shoulder. As the music started, coupels began to move together and sway across the dance floor. Siouxsie and the blonde boy danced elegently across the floor as he stared down at her beauty and she looked down blushing. I hated watching this because for a strange reason I was jealous, very jealous. I continued to stare at them as he leaned in to kiss her...


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