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Bullets were flying everywhere...

Commands were screamed and shouted to target the intruders...

The head of the Alpha Hawks Special Unit gave his signal to retreat to the end of the marina where the prepared escape boat awaits for its passengers. His team nodded their heads giving him the indication that they're ready to go.




One by one they walked with caution--looking left, right and above them-- to see if they were clear. His second-in-command, Bandit, signed that he will cover for them while they go and try to reach the boat.

"All clear", he said.

Once all four of the Alpha Hawks were in the boat, Mad Dog, the gun specialist, started the engine while the only woman in the team started the countdown for the detonation. The rest of the team looked around in case of any threats. When they were far enough, they watched the marina blow up into pieces while they escaped with the package they retrieved.

"Mission accomplished sir", said the second-in-command.

"Mad Dog, let's return to HQ", said the head of the team. "And Viper alert them that we're coming home with the package", he continued.

"Yes sir", they both said.


Ethan James Croft II and his wife, Susan Elizabeth Croft watched their kids with smiling faces as they argue who won in their thumb-wrestling game.

"I won. I won. It's obvious that I won against you boys. Right, Mommy?", their youngest and only twin daughter, Susie asked.

"No. How can you win when you have tiny fingers? It's me who won", her twin, Ethan James III insisted.

"How can you guys argue? Obviously I won. With thumbs like these, I could win hundreds of thumb-wrestling matches against you guys", said the oldest, Roger Matthew III, while showing off his award-winning thumbs.

Their parents watched with amused expression on their faces as their 7-year old twins and 12-year old son bicker on who was the winner. These argument could last all day so their father finally stopped them.

"Okay, guys. I hate to break it to you but it was a tie. So all of you are the winners", their father explained, "now could you please try to be quiet? We still have 3 hours left before we reach our cabin", he continued.

"Sorry Dad", said his kids.

Susan chuckled and shook her head in amazement how her kids could follow their dad immediately.

Definitely they were taught well, she thought.

As they were cruising by the road, surrounded by nature, a black sedan was behind them keeping a respectable distance. The family had no clue that they were being followed.

Minutes passed and an incoming truck from the opposite direction was beeping its horn to notify the other cars. The men in the sedan suddenly overtook the family van and sped up.

"Careful honey", said his wife.

Ethan II did not think any of it at first not until the sedan suddenly stopped. Out of reflex he turned the car to the right resulting it to spin very fast. His children who were asleep were now awake and screaming. His wife took hold of her husband's hand while praying that their children will be safe.

Not long after the truck driver was pressing the horn while stepping on the brakes simultaneously. The leather strap that was holding the metal bars snapped. It released right in front of the family van and hit the car.

The men from the sedan grabbed their guns and got out of the car, They cautiously walked to the family van to check if both of the husband and the wife were dead.

After a few seconds Ethan II moved and went to check on his wife. They both looked each other in the eye and both knew that this could only be done by one man. As ruthless as he is, they did not expect him to attack with their children around. Without wasting anytime they both turned around to look at the children and said one word--a name that will be valuable to them in the future, a name that caused many lives to tremble and a name that will soon someday trigger their children's need for revenge for the sake of their parents.


Immediately the men heard movement in the front seat and started shooting at both Ethan II and Susan. Not caring if the children were awake or if they learned information that they were not suppose to know, they left the scene and sped off.

Thankfully the twins were unconscious so they did not see the horrible death of their parents. But young Roger was awake and saw the execution. He stared at his dead parents and tears were suddenly falling. He could hear the sirens coming for them minutes after the truck driver called. But Roger knew that it was too late for his parents. He looked at his siblings and tried to carry them away from the accident. He was thankful for the truck driver's help. He hugged both of his twin brother and sister and cried. He cried knowing that they would not remember much of their parents in the coming years. He cried that they did not get to say "I love you" enough. But most of all he cried out knowing that soon, he would get his revenge for the death of his parents.

Hanz, you will pay for this. And if I find you, I will most definitely kill you.

That was the last thing Roger said before the EMT and police came.





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