Pigeon Assassins

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Today was my first day at my new school, the Collège Françoise Dupont. I had a map of my route on my phone which I now see was a bad idea after running face first into five trees, ten people, and tripping over a pigeon. Yes, I tripped over a pigeon...don't judge.

I was almost there when I broke my record of clumsiness. I slipped on a puddle, tripped over yet another pigeon and landed on a SUPREMELY smexy blonde. To make things worse both of our kwamis flew out of our bags without us noticing! Ten points for, Y/N! -_- Yipee!

I picked myself up and looked at him. My eyes widened and I kinda pulled a Squidward, thinking, "Oh no! He's Hot!" I then jumped off him and rambled on about how sorry I was and how pigeons are secretly trying to assassinate me, but he just got off dusted himself off...and laughed. Stupid assassin pigeons. He held out a hand for me to shake and I may or may not have derped a bit.

Is sir yummy offering me to shake his hand? SO KAWAII!~ I then shook his hand and he smiled. "It's ok. My names Adrien. Adrien Agreste. Welcome to the Collège Françoise Dupont!" Holy Snapples! This is Adrien Agreste, the boy I'm supposed to model with?! IM MODELLING WITH SENIOR SMEXYPANTS!!!

Maybe Paris isn't so bad. I giggled," Nice to meet you Sir Yu- er Adrien. I'm Y/N. Y/N L/N"

"Wow, thats really unique. You have a beautiful name Miss L/N"


"Thanks, I got it for my birthday." I mentally facepamed. Smooth Y/N, real smooth.

He laughed and smiled. "Nice one, come on I'll give you a tour of the school"

We started walking towards the school not noticing our confused and surprised kwamis quickly hiding back into our bags.

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