Woah! So Many Views!

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Hiya! Okay, so I just saw that this story has over 2k views! Once again, I am a dork and DO NOT judge me. Just to know that I am grateful that I have gotten so many views on this one story, I wanna give each and every one of you wonderful people virtual hugs! Not really. I hate hugs, and if you try to give me one I'll stab you. *Laugh* I'm just kidding. But, seriously, no hugs. It's not my cup of tea. Plus, my best friend (itgirl188 ) says I hug too much like a man. Also, I am still taking any ideas for any chapter of any story I have. If you have an idea, let me know, I will be more then happy to put it in one of my stories. (No smut, I can't write it because it makes me feel SUPER uncomfortable!) Besides that, I'd love to take your ideas. So far, I've got a bunch of wonderful ones and I love each and every one of them! Thank y'all so much.

If you have an idea, send it. It you have a complement, send it. If you have an insult, please don't send it. (It's not that I can't take an insult, it's that my heart shatters every time I see an insult.)

Here's some ideas:

•(Pew, pew! Sorry, it's a bullet hole and I thought I'd add the sound effect.) The gang doesn't know that Cato is a geek yet. Clove does.

•(For You Should Be Here) Anything can happen as long as it doesn't involve smut.

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