Dark Sparks #2

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Dark Sparks

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she had only gotten a little bit of sleep last night. After the somewhat eventful evening she had had, she stayed up and thought about what he said. How he said the words. He told her his name was... M.. M.. Matth...Matthius she said in her mind.

She sat up to see that once again Matt was sitting over a fire. It was pretty late in the day, but there was enough light to see around the clearing that they were in.


When he looked at her, his face said that he thought he had imagined it, but looking confirmed it. "Was that you?" he said.

She nodded, looking pleased with herself. She spoke her first word. And it was his name. And speaking of names... "Have you thought over the names I told you?" she nodded, and then shook her head indicating that she didn't like any of them.

"Well you can't be picky. We have to find you a name. Before dark, might I add." She looked at him curiously, and a light came to her eyes.

"D.. Da..Dark?" she tried. He was so proud of her. Two words already! But why dark? "Dark! Dark!" she chanted. She pointed to herself, "Dark" then pointed at him, "Matthius." Now he got it

"You want Dark?" she nodded vehemently. "Alright. And if I do say so, it suits you. Until I can figure out your past, you're as dark to me as a room with no windows, doors, or lights." She looked confused. "Never mind. Dark it is then." They chatted, or matthius chatted while Dark listened, until the sun went down and they started settling in for the night.

"Tomorrow, we need to start moving towards the South. They have a library there that I can look through to see if I can't find anything like you." She smiled. "Good night Dark," he said.

"Good night Matthius."

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