Moving On

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"Who's this T?" I yell over the music, grinning at him. He waltzed over to me, his arm swung over a pretty brunette. He glances down at her, smiling before his eyes meet mine.

"Emily this is Jane, Jane meet Emily."

I grin at him and Jane before holding my arms out, signalling Jane for a hug. She immediately embraces me, squeezing me gently.

"Hey! It is so nice to finally meet you. Tobias speaks really highly of you and Jake," she says, her eyes sparkling as she glances up at Tobias. He grins back at her, leaning down to plant a gentle kiss on the side of her head.

"Really? He never told me that! It's lovely to meet you too!" I said loudly, leaning closer so she could hear me.

"So are you two a thing now?" I ask Tobias, waggling my eyebrows at him. He rolls his eyes at me, pulling her closer towards him —

"Yeah, kind of," he replies sheepishly and I squeal, pulling him into a tight hug.

"I'm so happy for you!" I say, squeezing his cheeks. He bats me off playfully and rolls his eyes again before thanking me. I feel warm hand slide around my waist and I smile, sinking deeper into the body I belong with. His warmth immediately spreads through my body and I fit against him perfectly.

"Hey baby," I smile up at him and he smirks back at me, his eyes twinkling.

"Have you met Jane?" I ask, nodded towards her and he nods, giving her a warm smile.

"Welcome to the family Jane."

She giggles in response before looking up at Tobias, her eyes full of adoration for him. I lean closer to her before whispering loudly.

"Word of advice, run whilst you can."

She nods at me before chuckling loudly. I stand back grinning and Tobias groans, shoving my shoulder a little.

"Don't scare her off Em!" He warns me and I stick my tongue out at him causing him to chuckle before he disappears back into the crowd with Jane.

"She seems nice." I tell Jake. He mumbles an agreement, his mind elsewhere.

"You look really good night," Jake murmurs in my ear, his face nuzzling into my neck. I bite back a smile and wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer into me.

"So do you." I respond, giving him a smile. He grins at me, his hands resting above my waist.

"Do you want to go upstairs?"

I giggle, slapping his chest. He's been suggesting that a lot lately.

"The party has just started Jake," I smile fondly, shaking my head at his eagerness. I lift my drink to my lips, taking a sip. I immediately scrunched my face up in disgust.

"What's wrong?" Jake asked, his eyes full of concern. I hold my drink out towards him —

"Whatever is in this is seriously making me feel ill." I groan, handing him the cup. He lifts it to his nose before sniffing it warily. His eyes widen slightly and he let out a low chuckle.

"Sorry Muffin, Ivory goes a little overboard with the amount of alcohol she puts in these things."

I roll my eyes knowing it would have something to do with Ivory. She's definitely calmed down when it comes to her partying ways ever since she got with Ben but she still had it in her to throw a wicked party when she wants to.

"Where is she?" I ask Jake and he shrugs, his eyes wondering over the crowd —

"By the Christmas tree with that boyfriend of hers," he mumbles grumpily and I give him a stern look, my eyebrows raised.

"Ben's a cool guy, he won't hurt her."

I reassured him over Ben for about the millionth time tonight.

"He better not or else he'll have to answer to me," he replies, puffing out his chest in a caveman style. I roll my eyes at how protective he is over the females in his life.

"Come on, let's dance!" I say dragging him towards the dance floor underneath the twinkling lights that were set up in the living room. It's a few days before Christmas and Michelle and Myra have given us permission to throw one party whilst they leave town.

I've officially moved back in with Jake but twice a week I visit Pops for a religiously. He would often pay a visit to Jake's too which was lovely. Michelle has also invited him over for Christmas dinner which I'm definitely looking forward to.

"I can't wait for Christmas Day!" I squeal into Jake's ear letting him in on my thoughts. He chuckles quietly placing a soft kiss on my ear.

"Neither can I. My first Christmas with my Muffin," he whispers down my ear and I bite my lip, holding back a smile.

"Have you got me a present?"

"Of course, would you like it tonight?" He teases, his hands tightening around my waist gently. I nod enthusiastically my eyes turning darker as I take in the cheeky sparkle in his blue eyes.

"Look up Muffin," he grins, pointing towards the ceiling. I follow his hand and laugh heartily as my eyes land on a piece of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling directly above us.

"Who put that there?" I giggle and Jake shrugs before dipping me down, his hand resting behind my back. I squeal loudly and look at him with pure love and adoration in my eyes.

Jake Melvin is mine, all mine.

"Who cares?" He smirks before his lips crash against mine hungrily. I sigh contently as he pulls me back up in one swift movement, grinning at me like a Cheshire Cat.

"I love you," he murmurs, resting his forehead against mine. I suck in a sharp breath, loving how those words sound coming from his lips. Hearing him tell me he loves me would never get old, it would always send shivers running through my body. I peck his lips before replying —

"I love you."


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