chapter 9

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Jade's p.o.v 

I fluttered my eyes open noticing it was still pitch black outside. As I scanned the room I noticed it wasn't mine. I felt an arm around my waist and someone's legs inbetween mine their lips pressed to the back of my head their front side completely against my back.Their body heat radiating against mine making me feel warm.I couldn't deny i liked the cozy feeling. But I was slightly worried about whose room exactly I was in. Then I remembered that I came over to Perrie's house to work on the project. I started to get up as quiet as possible trying not to wake up her up. Right as I got up I felt two thin arms pull be back down and Perrie nuzzled her head in the crook of my neck "Please don't go." I heard her murmur making me smile to myself. I thought about the past week again snapping out of it she'd be all cute and cuddly with me one second and hate me the next it wasn't worth the heart ache. "Perrie I got to go home" I said and heard her groan "Can't you go home later you're really cuddly." I felt her grab my waist tighter her lips pressing against my neck. Not seductively more like sleepily but sparks still radiated from her touch she was probably still half asleep she didn't know what she was saying get up my mind said. "No Perrie I got to go." I pulled her arms off me throwing the blanket we were wrapped in to the side I got on to my feet pulling on my black converse. By this time Perrie sat up rubbing her eyes looking at me I could tell she wanted me to stay a little longer but I had to leave. I checked my phone seeing I had 10 missed calls from my mom she was probably worried sick. I was going to be in so much trouble when I was at home. I started to gather up my books putting my hand on the door knob when Perrie said "Wait a second." I turned around raising an eyebrow questioningly a concerned look on her face."What Perrie?" She got out from under the blanket coming towards me with a black varcity jacket with the initials PE. She put it around my shoulders so I wasn't actually wearing it. I had a confused look on my face why was she giving me her jacket ? "It's probably freezing outside I don't want you to get cold." She said as if she read my mind "Oh...Erm....Thanks." I mummbled. Perrie seemed to stare at my face grabbing the collar of the jacket. "Just be safe if you hear anyone chasing you just call me OK?" I nodded not really knowing why anyone would chase me not much happens here its pretty boring and quiet. She pulled on the collar of the jacket bringing my face closer to hers. My heart raced. No matter how much Perrie beat me she still had this effect on me making my heart beat faster my mind going blank and my stomach fluttered. She planted a light kiss on my cheek "Goodbye Jade." she whispered and I nodded trying to get out of the room but Perrie pulled me back to her again giving me a tight hug my heart fluttering "Please be safe" I heard her voice crack slightly . What's going on why is she so worried about me? "I will Perrie I promise." I wrapped my arms around her waist hugging her back.  

I walked back to my house feeling my cheek that Perrie kissed still feeling the warmth from her touch . I like this side of Perrie the caring side of her not her usually rough and cocky side but like she actually cared about me. What was wrong though? Why was she that worried about me? By the look on Perrie's face I could tell she knew. But I made it home alive . I grabbed my keys from my shorts pocket and opened the door quietly hopefully my mom was asleep but as I walked in all the lights were on and my mom stood in front of me ready to give me a lecture. "Jade Amelia Thirlwall where have you been it's 3 in the morning and you have school tomorrow." I gave her a nervous smile. "Sorry mam I was at a friends house we have a project to do together." Her eyes scanned the varcity jacket on my body and she probably thought I was at a boys house but I quickly added,"It was a girl mam I swear. " She nodded understanding."Next time call me you had me worried sick." I gave her a kiss on the cheek running up the stairs but not before I said. "Sorry mum won't happen again." Which was probably going to be a big lie in the future.


At school it was exactly like I predicted it to be,Perrie completely ignored me until Mr .Taylor's class again. "Sorry I forgot to bring your jacket back." I whispered to her. She replied with a shrug, bored. I knew what was coming my next as my face fell. "I don't care keep it. It doesn't matter to me anyways but if anyone asks why you were at my house tell them we were ONLY working on a project nothing else happened." Why did she keep having to lie about what is really happening if she didn't want me she could just say it instead of leading me on. "That's not what happened though." I said lowering my head slightly ashamed. Perrie rolled her eyes. "I was depressed ok I figured out Zayn cheated on me. I needed someone to comfort me. It meant nothing to me so build a bridge and get over it." Her words cut me like knives could things get any worse? I bit my lip I didn't want tears to fall out of my eyes it didn't mean anything to her so why did it mean so much to me? Oh yeah I was falling for her -hard. And I couldn't do anything to stop it. 


Perries p.o.v 

It was really hard for me to act like I hated Jade when I clearly didn't. After she left my mom and Caitlyn knew she already slept there and they reminded me that non of this could actually happen. I was going to get me in trouble I couldn't be with her no matter what. But I could still tell Jade wanted me. I had to treat her like crap again and I didn't want that to happen. 


Jade's p.o.v 

To make things worse this afternoon Perrie pulled me into the girls bathroom giving me another one of her infamous poundings. After that she just got me even more confused. Grabbing my waist, she pushed me to a wall and kissed me passinatly. Like all the other times she did this I didn't stop her. I just grabbed the back of her neck pulling her closer to me kissing her back with just as much passion. I heard her mummble a "Sorry." As she began kissing me all over my face where she punched me and I giggled slightly even if my face hurt her kisses sort of made up for it. She began kissing my neck and I felt my breath hitch in my throat when she began leaving a love bite on my soft spot again. "Perrie. Please.Stop" "Why?" She asked not pulling away from my neck starting to tug at the skin making a low moan escape my mouth. "We..can't." I gripped her shoulders pushing her back slightly so she could look at my face. "What's wrong?" She asked . I laughed sarcastically making her frown slightly. "What's wrong Perrie ?!?! What isn't wrong with this?!!? You hurt me then act like everything's ok and kiss me but then hurt my feelings and make me feel like crap and it goes on like that over and over again. You tell me what's wrong?!?!" I saw shame cross over Perrie's features before she pecked my lips again. "I just have trouble showing my emotions j

Jade I feel like if I hurt or punch something I can get rid of my problems but I just end up getting into even more trouble." she explained and began kissing me again. I pulled away "What do I have to do with this though?" she let out a frustrated sigh."I like you ok but don't you and I know why your not going to leave me you want to know why?" she asked a cocky smile on her face. "Why?" I questioned sarcastically. She grabbed my waist pulling my body against hers so there was absolutely no space between us. A deep blush on my cheeks. "Because you like me back and you're not going to let me go." She began kissing me passionately again my hands getting tangled in her hair. She pushed me back to the wall."Just don't tell anyone they'll try taking you away from me." she whispered in my ear before kissing my neck softly. Everything about Perrie just had me in a trance. But she was right no matter how much she confused me I went along with her kissing her like nothing happened seconds before . 


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