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Tobias' POV -

My heart dropped hearing Amil is aware of our plan. Clearly one of the boys had told him, going against mine and Jake's trust. I hissed as the guy I was fighting punched me backwards into glass, causing it to shatter and pierce through the skin on my arms. I growled loudly, looking down at my arm that was now pouring with blood.

"You really shouldn't have done that."

My words are quiet, dripping with danger. My eyes travelled to an unconscious Jake on the floor and the guy he was fighting, who was equally as knocked out. His head was spinning and he held out his hand to grip onto something to steady himself.

"Jake!" I yelled, attempting to wake him up. I kicked the guy who was lunging for me once again and caused him to stumble as I bought myself more time. My eyes scanned the room frantically, searching for Emily.

She had disappeared, along with Amil.

"Emily!?" I shouted loudly, the desperation in me rising. I clenched my teeth and lunged for the guy, drop kicking him to the floor. I had lost my temper, my breathing becoming heavy and erratic. I kicked him over and over again, stomping on his face until his cries died down. Blood trickled from his mouth and I finally pulled back, taking a second to catch my breath.

I ran over to Jake and studied the cut on his head before clenching my jaw tightly and grabbing the gun he had dropped.

Trust Jake to be the only one with any common sense and bring a weapon with him.

I ran out of the room, taking one last look at Jake before realising I had to get to Emily first. Jake wouldn't ever forgive me if Amil laid his filthy hands on her. I knew Amil too well, he was causing Jake pain by hurting someone he truly cared for.

And that someone was Emily.

Now I realised how stupid it was of us not to see what Amil was planning to do. He knew Jake worshipped the ground Emily walked on, he knew he would risk his life for her.

I pounded up the stairs, desperately listening out for any sound to guide me of their whereabouts.

"EMILY!" I yelled, my voice bouncing off the walls. I yelled in frustration as silence greeted me and I charged down the hallway, kicking each door down before checking the next one.

The only sounds I could hear was my heavy breathing and the smashing of doors.

I finally reached Jake's room and froze outside, leaning closer to listen in. I could hear muffled voices on the other side and I silently prayed that she was still alive and unharmed. I stood back and charged at the door, my leg raised. It took two kicks before it finally flew off its hinges, landing on the floor with a loud bang.

I immediately raised Jake's gun, holding it securely in my hands. I stepped inside the room and my eyes landed on her in the corner. She was curled up on the floor, eyes wide with fear. Blood trickled from her skull and I felt my stomach tighten in knots from the sight of her.

My eyes travelled further up, landing on Amil's which held an evil glint in them. He was stood behind her, gripping tightly onto her hair with one hand.

His other hand held a knife to her throat.

The blade glistened, mocking me.

I knew that if I made one wrong move, he would skim the knife across her throat without a second thought, letting the blood drain from her neck until her heart finally stopped. Like an animal.

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