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Thanks to my boo Miracle & Chante for these crazy ass questions!

Ask all the characters of the Temptation Series questions, all answered from their point of view.

1. Why didn't Zane just fuck champy and leave her? How come they got so close after one night? Why did he never cheat or vice versa?

Zane: To be honest, I don't even know. I wanna say it's because she wore my ass out but that wouldn't be da complete truth. At first it started off as just a one night stand, we never got close after one night, it built over time. I guess you can say I got addicted to her, the more I started fucking with her the more I got to know her personality and that's how we got closer. For the third question, I'm not a man whore, It would be disrespectful to Champy to fuck another woman while I was fucking her. I did just see her as a one time thing at first so I could move on and fuck whoever I wanted but since we started fucking on the regular, I didn't and couldn't fuck with no other bitches.

Champy: Zane was my second, I wasn't looking for no other man. What happened between me and Zane wasn't expected but it happened. I didn't expect to have sex with no one, especially at a party. I'm not a cheater and nor am I hoe. I don't go around fucking the next nigga, so I never thought of cheating on Zane or fucking someone else while I was fucking with him.

2. Why didnt anything worst happen to Milan? Why didn't Suan's ex girl come back and fuck w/ them? Why didn't Suan cheat? When was Milan diagnosed with diabetes?

Keshuan: Same as Zane, I'm not a cheater. Why fuck with another girl when I was feeling Milan?

Milan: I developed them at the age of fourteen.

Me: Alana was fucking with Houston, she was currently calling and texting Suan. She was trying to get with him but Suan ignored her & Girl, what you mean by worst?

3. You jack off thinking of Rod? In jail how they treatin ya? Alecia give you that good head? You drop the soap on purpose yet? WHAT ATTRACTS YOU TO ROD, D? When D comin back? And how hard? How gay is he? Does d take back shots? D are you gay now? You suck dick?

Me: I can't with you!!! Lmfao! ROD IS NOT GAY BTW!

D: Ima ignore that shit. Me and Rod always been cool as nothing but friends, I guess I started noticing him as more than that. I'm coming back reallllll soon.

4. Is Rod gone keep cheating on her now that she pregnant? Rod never showed her that he changed so why exactly are they back together? Why Mauriah so weak for Rod, I understand they been together for a long time but why she weak for him? If she really wanted respect in her relationship, why was she so quick to fuck rod? Why did Mariah so quickly accept Rod's invitation back to his house?

Rod: The fučk you talkin bout? I been with her through everything. No matter how much I fuck up and she don't wanna fuck with me, Ima still be there. Ima hold her down through whatever, I owe that to her. Being pregnant don't change shit, I show her I love her every single day but I guess we'll see soon.

Mariah: I agree with you on some things. I do admit Im weak for Rod. I told Rod that we were WORKING on our relationship, just because I fucked him don't mean I let him in so quick.We still working on our relationship, the rest of the questions depend on him and his choices. I didn't accept to living with Rod so quickly, look at the pros and cons. Rod has enemies, people who would come after me to get to him, now tell me, would it be better to be alone or in my home with the person I trust and know will protect me?

5. Where the ring at? Why did Mauriah forgive her cousin? I woulda beat tf out of that bitch. You plan on leaving the game soon? Why none of the girls neva joined the game with they dudes? Why is all of them cool? Somebody need to fall out lol. Who else fucked somebody out they lil clique?

Mariah: At the end of the day, she's my blood. I'm not saying I wanna continue my relationship with her so quick but I am the only family she has, I grew up with her. I can't give up on her when shes at her weakest, Ima always be there for her but Im not ready to forget and act like everything's perfect.

Rod: *chuckles* I don't know, you tell me? Im thinking about it, at the end of the day my child and my baby come first. I'm not ready to go back to the game so quick after what happened and especially since Riah pregnant.

Me: To the fuck somebody out they clique question, we'll see soon. ;)

Champy: I got kids and I damn sho ain't bout to get shot. Zane does what he gotta do, Im not gonna change him. But I always tell him, he gotta remember he got kids and how would he feel if they dad got locked up for years or even if they got hurt for his mistakes. Im going to support him through whatever but my kids safety comes first.

6. Rod what turned you on from jasmine? Is D now gay?

Rod: I don't even know. I wasn't expecting what happened between us, it just happened. I never payed attention to her before that.

D: I never fucked nor got fucked by the same sex unless you wanna count Alecia. I'm just curious, but I don't know if I'm gone act on my sexuality.

7. Is there a sequel for Rods temptation or A thugs temptation?

Im thinking about one for RT.

8. What's the next book for the series about?

Deadly Temptation:

Miracle Johnson was twenty-four living life as a Finance Accountant. But her job didn't take away the pain of her past. She had been through it all, and all she had was her two best friends and her brother. She was broken, every man that she let in had his fifteen minutes and left, leaving her broken once again. Though it wasn't visible, she had scratches, scrapes, shatters and even cracks. She was as broken as it gets. Their were only two guys she trusted: her brother and her brothers best friend, Chez. Chez was her second-brother and nothing more but once he finds out Miracles problems and secrets, he becomes her Miracle, something she can't handle.

Chante Anderson was twenty-three, probably the youngest one of her "crew". As strong as she looked, that was just her cover. Behind doors she was constantly thinking of how far she had come though she felt as if she was still nothing. She was working as a soon-to-be lawyer, in her last year of law school with her two girls at her side. But that was all, no husband, no children, and no love. She had secrets, that no one knew of, not even Mariah and Miracle. The scars on her wrists were always healed, but they never disappeared, they were there even when you didn't see them. But this time she's a new woman, ready for the world and what it has to bring. But not just ready for Ethics, the one that could change her direction in life with one word and completely heal those scars.

9. Ok... how are the guys gone act once they find out abt D? How complicated is his situation? You think they gone still be his friend? Is he gonne cross that line with Rod? What if he kisses rod and rod... likes the kiss? When is zero gone get out & is he gone come back? Is D mental? Out of every nigga; Rod, Suan, and Zane, who you think got the best dick ? lol. Who got the best head? Why Mauriah seem like the freakiest one out of them all? Are they gone be apart of the next series?

Me: LMFAO! Only time can tell. Ima say Rod & Mariah got the best. I guess she is. They'll have a little part.

D: Im hoping its a good outcome and hell nah, I ain't mental.

10. You eat Jasmine pus*y? If you did ima kill yo ass

Rod: Hell nah! Ion put my mouth on nobody but MARIAH!

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