I watched as Raeven raced past me to the shoe section, screaming like a lunatic. I chuckled god sometimes I wonder why I put up with her, then I remember all that shes done for me. I turned my attention back to the reason I had agreed to drive her here, Colton. I knew he was working I just needed a reason to approach him. What to do what to do? I quickly grabbed a random dress and hurried over to the change rooms where he worked. I rounded the corner and saw him standing there, UGH why is he so gorgeous? I slowly stepped out from behind the rack of clothes I was hiding behind, made my way over to where Colton was standing. He glanced up and flashed a smile at me, I felt my heart melt a little.

"How can I help you? Pretty lady." He smirked, I giggled and was about to answer when I was abruptly cut off by a female scream and loud clutter. Colton looked down at me and sadly smiled at me, picking up the phone next to him. "clean up in aisle 3, shoe section." I didn't even think twice about who had caused it, theres only one person I know clumsy enough to do that. I inwardly debuted on whether I should leave this beautiful specimen and go check on my best friend or stay here and be selfish. I finally decided to be a good friend, I owe her enough anyways. I sadly turned away from Colton and began speed walking towards the shoes, when me heel of my shoe got caught on something and I fell smack onto my face. I groaned in pain, looking behind me to see what my heel had gotten caught on. It was a shoe, but not a stray shoe. No this shoe was attached to a adorkable looking boy shyly smiling at me. I really must have hit my face hard when I fell, because the boy staring down at me looked exactly like Ricky Dillon my favourite youtuber. He looked concerned and nervous as he handed me his hand. I carefully took it, standing up and brushing off my sweater. His eyes widened as he noticed what was on it,

"Is that Pikachu?" he asked grinning, I smiled and nodded. He held out his hand and I graciously took it shaking it lightly, "the names Ricky and you?" He asked smiling.

"Cassidy, but I prefer Cassi. And I know who you are." I replied blushing slightly. He smirked chuckling.

"Ahh so youre a fan then? Thank you for not screaming and giving my cover away, I simply came in here with my friend Jc to buy tacos when we got chased down." He replied stretching his arms over his head, his arm muscles flexing slightly. I smiled and shrugged

"Cant blame us for loving you." He smiled.

"I know ill never be able to explain how much I love you guys either, Id love to stay and talk and I really am sorry for tripping you. But knowing our fans Jcs probably dead or dying at the moment. So I really should go save him, being mama Ricky and all." He chuckled. I felt my smile drop slightly but quickly replaced it with another.

"I understand, was nice to meet you though." I said turning to walk away. I got about four steps away before I felt a hand grab my own. I spun around and saw Ricky standing there smirking.

"Hey I never said I didn't want to keep in contact with you silly. Could I maybe get your number?" He asked turning slightly shy. I felt my stomach flip flop, I nodded taking his phone and entering my number. He quickly hugged me then rushed off towards the other entrance. I stood there for a few moments replaying what had just happened over and over again in my head. When I remembered about Raeven, I quickly rounded the corner to find her walking towards the cashiers with rosy cheeks.

"Take it you two hit off?" she winked at me.

"OH MY GOD RAE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!" I replied excitedly."But it didn't really go as -" I stopped abruptly, lifting my finger and pointing at the Vans display behind her.

"Uhm Cass? Cassi hellooooo" she said waving her free hand in front of my face. My eyes widened as I turned to face her,